Sliven District

Sliven District


an administrative and territorial unit in eastern Bulgaria. Area of 3,700 sq km. Population, 237,000 (1972). Its capital is the city of Sliven.

The northern part of the district is occupied by mountains of the Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains) and Sredna Gora, while the southern part is predominantly level. In the south, the district includes part of the eastern Maritsa coal basin.

The economy of Sliven District is based on industry and agriculture. The textile industry accounts for approximately two-fifths of the district’s entire industrial output. Woolen fabrics predominate: in 1972 the district’s output of woolen fabrics was one-third of the country’s total. The machine-building industry is important (textile equipment, farm machinery, large-lot production of parts for the USSR’s Volga Automobile Works). Other industries include woodworking, glassmaking, the production of electric lamps, and fruit canning. The principal industrial centers are the cities of Sliven and Nova Zagora; one of the country’s main centers of rug weaving is the city of Kotel.

Approximately one-fourth, of the cultivated land is irrigated, chiefly in the Tundzha River valley. There is commodity farming of grain (wheat, barley, corn). Sunflowers, cotton, and tobacco are also cultivated. Approximately 12 percent of the cultivated area is under orchards (more than one-fourth of Bulgaria’s peach orchards) and vineyards. Sheep are raised (310,000 in 1973), as are cattle (37,000 head), and swine (76,000).

Sliven District is crossed by the electrified Sofia-Sliven-Bur-gas railroad, which links Sofia with the Black Sea. The district has therapeutic mineral springs.

E. B. VALEV [23–1670–]

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In the Pleven and Russe districts - 71 schools and 68 in the Sliven district.
the subject of the procurement includes the provision of full-service after-sales servicing and repair of the service vehicles of the asa, Provided for use by the regional police directorate of sliven and the ngo in the territory of sliven district, Including: Full service and periodic service as per the prescriptions of the manufacturer of the respective brand technique; Repair (if necessary); Repatriating a damaged car to the nearest service area (if necessary); Checking and performing a discharge-charge cycle of the batteries; Repair and refueling of air conditioning systems; Electric bulbs; Wipers; Complex cleaning; Annual technical inspection for a period of 24 / twenty-four / months.
The inventory is in accordance with the technical specification and order for inventory of forest areas and elaboration of plans for the hunting economic activity, The activities for forest protection from fires and forestry plan for the forest territories - state property in the area of activity of tp "state forestry nova zagora" sliven district, Adopted by the expert council of the executive forest agency and approved by the executive director of the executive forestry agency on 10.
The epicenter of the earthquake was located south of the villages of Borov Dol and Zhalti Bryag, northeast of the town of Shivachevo, northwest of the village of Golyamo Chochoveni, along the Belenska River, Sliven district, according to BAS.
No aftershocks were registered Thursday morning in the Sliven district.
Contract notice: Transport of hemodialysis patients living in the Sliven District / without the Nova Zagora Municipality / from the patient~s home to the Department of Hemodialysis at the University Hospital "Dr.
The mayors of five villages in the Sliven district, including Binkos, Mechkarevo, Samuilovo, Krushare, and Zhelyo Voyvoda, have indicated their readiness to organize the evacuation of the locals.
The coal mining company, which is located in the southeastern municipality of Tvarditsa, Sliven district, has run up debts of over BGN 20 000.
Nikolov went on to say that two officials of the watchdog had been dismissed after hailstorms wiped out entire harvests in the village of Nedelino, Sliven district, near a training ground of the Agency.
The petition will be sent to the President, the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the Parliament, the Interior Minister, the leaders of political parties, the Chief Prosecutor and the Sliven District Prosecutor.
Later that month the Sliven District Court removed Lechkov from his post as a mayor over those charges.
During the past 4 years (2008-2011), 30 CCHF cases have been registered in Bulgaria, 12 from Blagoevgrad district, 8 from Burgas district, 4 each from Haskovo and Sliven districts, and 1 each from Kardjali and Shumen districts.