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Sallie Mae:

see SLM CorporationSLM Corporation,
foremost provider of funding for higher education to American students; commonly known as Sallie Mae. The company, which also offers information and resources to assist students and others in obtaining funding, had a portfolio of some $127 billion in managed
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Unlike the traditional selective mapping (SLM) scheme, the transmission candidate sequence pairs are generated via weighted combination between the cyclic-shifted sequences in different antennas, and before this step, the active constellation extension is performed to the IFFT-operated time-domain sequences to reduce PAPR for the first time.
The SLM program extends the life of existing Super Hornets from 6,000 to 10,000 flight hours.
'We cannot alleviate poverty here without successful farming and the project had taught us different practices, which we could use to improve our livelihoods, hence we need support to ensure sustainability as the SLM project comes to an end.
Collateral Performance: For SLM 2004-10 and SLM 2005-9, respectively, Fitch maintained sustainable constant default rate assumptions of 2.5% and 2.2%, and sustainable constant prepayment rates of 7.5% and 7.0%.
One solution of this problem is sustainable land management (SLM), the use of land resources such as soil, water, animals and plants for the production of goods, to meet changing human needs, while ensuring the long-term productive capacity of these resources maintenance of their functions within the natural environment.
The SLM uses chemical admixtures, aluminous cement, and high volumes of powders, which increase the mortar costs [5].
Commonly known as Sallie Mae, SLM Corporation and its subsidiaries are not sponsored by or agencies of the United States of America.
In September, GE published its offer document for the voluntary public takeover offer for all outstanding shares of additive manufacturing equipment maker Germany-based SLM Solutions Group AG for USD 1.4bn.
Internal defects and inhomogenities in SLM materials cause different fracture behaviour than we can see at conventional materials.
It is also claimed that NBLT employees were "refused permission to meet with SLM during their working day to discuss transfer issues and their futures and that "employees were warned that disciplinary action would be taken against anyone making contact with SLM".
This is a lucrative route, according to Cairo, and SLM is looking to add two more Brazilian cities to its network, Fortaleza and Sao Paolo.
The firm chose Barclays Plc over Bank of America Corp (NYSE: BAC), which divested a USD1.3bn credit-card portfolio after SLM Corp announced its choice.