Sloan Foundation

Sloan Foundation,

fund established (1934) by automobile executive Alfred P. Sloan, Jr. as a philanthropic institution supporting research in various areas. In its early years it stressed support of U.S. economic education and research. After World War II its emphasis shifted in part to medical research, particularly cancer research. In the late 1960s its activities were expanded to include studies in current social problems, science, and technology. These interests, with the addition of a focus on the economy and its effects on standards of living, continued through the 1990s. The foundation has been a major financial supporter of the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, established in 1945. In 1998 its endowment exceeded $1 billion.
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Written by the former vice-president of the Sloan Foundation and a specialist in demographics, this book looks at the demand for PhD professionals in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields.
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PTI's Citizen-Engaged Communities Designation Program, which was initiated with funding from the Sloan Foundation, focuses on four key areas for multi-channel contact centers:
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In 2009, nearly three-quarters of public and half of private, nonprofit institutions reported online education as critical to their long-term strategy, notes the Sloan Foundation in its January report.
School District Administrators, which was supported by the Sloan Foundation and conducted by researchers from Hunter and Babson Colleges.