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Slovak language:

see Slavic languagesSlavic languages,
also called Slavonic languages, a subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. Because the Slavic group of languages seems to be closer to the Baltic group than to any other, some scholars combine the two in a Balto-Slavic subfamily of the Indo-European
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The subject of the contract is the purchase and delivery of a liquid chromatography system with accessories, A range of related services delivery to the place of destination, Installation, Operator training, Free warranty repair, Manual in the slovak language.
The Migration Information Centre (MIC) of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in Slovakia will this year re-open Open Slovak Language Courses for Foreigners from countries outside the European Union.
It was also obvious that she had best command of the Slovak language due to that fact that it is the language of both of her parents and close relatives.
A century later, Daniel Sinapius-Horcicka wrote poetry, drama and proverbs lauding the Slovak language and criticising the lack of patriotism among his fellow Slovaks.
It doesn't help that Slovakia is called Slovensko in the Slovak language.
Jadranka Vazanova inserted 183 records, 188 abstracts, and 25 reviews, for a total of 269 records in the Slovak language.
Fan even resorted to using Google Translate, an online translation engine that supports English and the Slovak language.
Although Hungarian was recognized as a minority language under communism, the Slovak language was the only language permitted in official documents.
government sought to silence the Slovak language press, prohibited
It is helpful to master the basics of the Slovak language so that you can more easily take the first steps in Slovakia and communicate with potential employers.
For those students who want to study technical subjects we offer 10-month scholarships to learn the Slovak language and pass the entry examinations.
The author focuses on Slovak-speaking immigrants and how they were informed of race relations by the Slovak language press.

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