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a river in Khmel’nitskii, Zhitomir, and Rovno oblasts in the Ukrainian SSR; a right tributary of the Goryn’ River (Dnieper River basin). The Sluch’ is 451 km long and drains an area of 13,800 sq km. It originates in the Podol’e. Upland and in its lower course flows through the Poles’e Lowland. The river is fed mainly by snow. High water occurs in March and April. The mean flow rate 42 km from the mouth is 45 cu m per sec. The river freezes in December, and the ice breaks up in March. The main left tributaries are the Khomora and Korchik; its main right tributary is the Tnia. The cities of Starokonstantinov and Novograd-Volynskii are situated on the Sluch’. [23–1778–]



(also Severnaia Sluch’), a river in the Byelorussian SSR, a left tributary of the Pripiat’ River (Dnieper River basin). The Sluch’ is 228 km long and drains an area of 5,260 sq km. It flows mainly through the Poles’e. The Soligorsk Reservoir is located in the middle course. The river is fed primarily by snow. The mean flow rate 46 km from the mouth is 20.3 cu m per sec. The river freezes in December, and the ice breaks up in March. The river is used for floating timber. The city of Slutsk is situated on the Sluch’.

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Freshwater mollusks were collected during 2016-2017 from river basins and their tributaries-rivers Teteriv and Sluch (Zhytomyr region), Bucha, Ros, Skvira (Kiev region).
The research team also included Sarah Hadyniak, Katarzyna Hussey and Boris Brenerman, Johns Hopkins University graduate students; Ping-Wu Zhang, Xitiz Chamling and Valentin Sluch, researchers at the Wilmer Eye Institute; Derek Welsbie of the Shiley Eye Institute; Samer Hattar, a professor at the NIH; James Taylor, a Johns Hopkins professor of biology and computer science; Karl Wahlin of the Shiley Eye Institute, and Donald Zack, a professor in the university's School of Medicine.
"By the 30th day of culture, there were obvious clumps of fluorescent cells visible under the microscope," said lead author Valentin Sluch. "It seems we can now isolate the cells and study them in a pure culture, which is something that wasn't possible before".
Meanwhile, initial Russian deployments within the neighboring Kiev military district would revert to the River Sluch, thus uncovering key railroad lines and junctions at Rovno-Proskurov-Dubno.
Sluch i rech dominantnogo i subdominantnogo polushari [Hearing and speech of dominant and nondominant hemispheres].
Wark's and Farrell's efforts prompted the Detroit City Council to move towards the adoption of ethics and financial disclosure policies, and prompted the removal of the police chief from an investigation of a sluch fund he controlled.
For automotive interior applications, such as sluch molded armrest, Ferro has developed a two-package system, consisting of Therm-Chek PS 380 liquid and Therm-Chek 195, to provide both process heat stability and amine stain resistance.
Uzytkownicy sluchawkowych zestawow komunikacyjnych mieli istotnie statystycznie gorszy sluch niz operatorzy nieuzywajacy sluchawek (w czestotliwosci 4-8 kHz i 2-8 kHz, odpowiednio, w przypadku prawego i lewego ucha).