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a city under oblast jurisdiction and administrative center of Slutsk Raion, Minsk Oblast, Byelorussian SSR. Slutsk is located on the Sluch’ River (Dnieper River basin), 105 km south of Minsk. It has a railroad station on the Baranovichi-Osipovichi railroad line. Population, 40,500 (1974). Slutsk has plants producing sanitary-engineering equipment, building materials, reinforced-concrete products, furniture, flax, textiles, and artistic objects. It also has automobile repair works, a sugar refinery, a cannery, a creamery, a meat-packing plant, and a flour-milling combine. The city has a medical school and a museum of local lore.

First mentions of the city appeared in 1116. In the late 12th century Slutsk became the capital of Slutsk Principality, and in 1395 part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Annexed to Russia in 1793, it became a district capital in Minsk Province.


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