Netherlands: see SluisSluis
, municipality, Zeeland prov., SW Netherlands, on the Scheldt estuary, near the Belgian border. Sluis was founded in the 13th cent. and later accorded trading privileges to the Hanseatic League.
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Though Mr Cardenas did not use the language of critical literacy explicitly, we noted how the curriculum he designed, that centred on taking action about social issues, evidenced his move towards integrating critical literacy into the curriculum (Lewison, Flint & Van Sluys, 2002).
Disrupting the commonplace is problematizing all subjects of study (Shor, 1999) or "seeing the everyday through new lenses" (Lewison, Flint, & Van Sluys, 2002, p.
The arrivals board (7): Matt Kvesic, Tom O'Flaherty, Toby Salmon, Sam Simmonds (ex-academy), Nic White, James Freeman, Wilhelm van der Sluys.
Later we met Tim Sluys, CEO and co-founder of Bridge Wireless, which buys, sells, distributes and repairs mobile phones and tablet devises.
Leopardus wiedii is considered endangered in the following states of Brazil: Parana, Rio Grande do Sul and Rio de Janeiro (Bergallo, Rocha, Van Sluys, Geise, & Alves, 2000; Fontana, Bencke, & Reis, 2003, Mikich & Bernils, 2004).
For that reason, dugesiid freshwater planarians provide an excellent opportunity for investigating this rare phenomenon, in particular Dugesia arabica Harrath & Sluys, 2013 as a species that exists as both sexual and asexual individuals.
Services concession: Public service delegation contract, by leasing, management and operation of an adventure course on the site of fort sluys.
Excellent Focus, Daphne Ann Sluys, 1116 Birch Falls Dr.
Sluys, "Computational analysis of progressive failure in a notched laminate including shear nonlinearity and fiber failure," Composites Science and Technology, vol.
In this study, we suggest Radical Change as a viewpoint from which to approach in educational settings an interrogation of the four dimensions of critical literacy: disruption of the commonplace, multiple viewpoints, socio-political issues, and social justice (Lewison, Flint, & Van Sluys, 2002).