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(1) (5th Generation) The fifth version of a product or system. For example, the Video iPod was the 5th iPod model, sometimes called "5G iPod."

(2) (5 GHz Wi-Fi band) After the turn of the century, 5G became widespread after version 802.11a of Wi-Fi debuted. For details, see 5 GHz band.

(3) (5th Generation cellular) 5G is the fifth generation of cellular service, superseding but compatible with 4G LTE. Governed by the 3GPP, 5G increases transmission speed dramatically and embraces prioritization. As video calling and video streaming increase exponentially, real-time content must be given a higher priority than Web pages.

A potential business disrupter, 5G is intended not only for mobile phones, but for in-home Internet access, especially in rural communities where new cable and fiber installations are costly.

Frequencies, Small Cells and Micro Towers
5G operates in a variety of frequency bands from as low as 600 MHz to as high as 71 GHz. Because high frequencies do not propagate as well as low frequencies, the higher 5G frequency deployments require many small cells with micro towers mounted on telephone poles. See 5G frequency bands and 5G radiation.

5G NR (5G New Radio)
The 5G air interface, which like 4G also uses OFDM modulation, was designed to deliver data rates up to 20 Gbps, enabling individual users to get gigabit-per-second downloads over the air. Qualcomm was the first manufacturer to release a 5G radio chip, and in late 2018, Verizon was the first carrier to deploy in-home 5G. In 2019, 5G phones emerged. See OFDM.

It Will Take a While
5G is also expected to provide a huge boost for connecting billions of IoT devices (see Internet of Things). In addition, 5G may make wireless virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) commonplace. However, nationwide in-home and mobile service should take several more years. See virtual reality and augmented reality.

5G, 4G and Wi-Fi
5G is compatible with 4G cellular and Wi-Fi, offering a seamless experience for users no matter where they are. In addition, like Wi-Fi, 5G was designed to operate in unlicensed spectrum, which greatly broadens its utility. See cellular generations, millimeter wave and 6Genesis.
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And taking down the little lamp, he lit a candle, and bowing low to her went into the small cell beyond the partition, and she heard him begin to move something about there.
The attic, which was the secretary's private place (and rather a small cell for so large a hermit), had indeed all the vestiges of a violent drama.
Then the Brownies bore him to a high, dark rock, and, entering a little door, led him to a small cell, dimly lighted by a crevice through which came a single gleam of sunlight; and there, through long, long days, poor Thistle sat alone, and gazed with wistful eyes at the little opening, longing to be out on the green earth.
In order to live a quieter life, the good man put on the robe of a dervish, and divided his house into a quantity of small cells, where he soon established a number of other dervishes.
These were down under the castle's foundations, and mainly were small cells hollowed out of the living rock.
SpiderCloud Wireless, a provider of scalable small cell systems, has announced availability of its Frequency Agile small cell, the SCRN-220, for its Enterprise RAN (E-RAN) platform, the company said.
has recognized Nokia in the 'Leaders' quadrant of its 2016 Magic Quadrant for Small Cell Equipment report, and in an independent survey of 21 operators conducted by IHS - representing the largest global service providers by revenue - Nokia has been named the number one small cells vendor.
The latest small cell, low-powered radio access nodes were showcased at the Middle East Small Cell Summit, which recently took place at the Conrad Hotel in Dubai.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-February 16, 2016-Radisys' CellEngine small cell software for LTE-U deployments selected by Baicells
Small Cells and Small Cell Networks are expected to play a pivotal role in addressing the capacity needs for such a traffic surge in the mobile networks.
The associated savings in both CAPEX and OPEX, together with higher throughout rates make WiFi and small cell deployments make WiFi and small cells a necessity for Carriers worldwide.
com)-- Gordon Mansfield, recently appointed Small Cell Forum Chairman, today highlighted the excellent state of affairs for the small cell industry in the United States and abroad, “US operators have arguably embraced the technology more rapidly than any other region - over a third of all small cells globally have been deployed by just three operators in the US.