Small-Capacity School

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Small-Capacity School


(in terms of teaching staff and pupils), a ten-year, eight- year, or primary general school without parallel classes and with a small number of students (not exceeding 100). This type of school is organized in small settlements as part of the system of universal compulsory education. In the USSR such schools follow the programs and curricula used by all general schools. In primary small-capacity schools one teacher may work simultaneously with several classes in one room, thereby requiring pupils to work independently for a considerable part of the time. In grades 4 through 10 each class

Table 1. Dimensions and weight of various skis
Racing skis ....190-220 cm54 mm47 mm50 mm1.3 kg
Jumping skis ...240-255 cm105 mm85 mm97 mm6.5-12.5 kg
Alpine skis ...203-240 cm87 mm70 mm78 mm3.6-8.0 kg
General-purpose tourist skis ...200-215 cm85 mm70 mm74 mm2.8 kg

meets separately. Such schools exist in most countries.

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