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digital pen

(1) See stylus pen.

(2) An electronic ballpoint pen that digitizes, stores and transfers what is written or drawn to the computer. Instead of a mouse, a digital pen provides a very natural way to hand write and hand draw into the computer. In addition, since it stores everything internally, the data transfer to the computer via wireless or USB can be done at a later time. Digital pens may also include audio recording (see below).

Digital pens use a digital paper technology developed by the Swedish Anoto Group. For more on this, see Anoto.

A Natural Way to Write
In 2003, Logitech introduced the io digital pen, capable of storing 40 hand-written pages. In 2007, British-based Destiny Wireless acquired the product line. (Image courtesy of Logitech, Inc.)

Relive the Meeting or Lecture
Livescribe's Smartpens are also audio recorders so that students can capture the lectures with their notes. By pointing the Smartpen to their writing or drawings on the digital paper, they can play back the lecture they were listening to when they made those entries. (Image courtesy of Livescribe, Inc.,
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Following the addition of the ECO Smart Pen to the MyDx Ecosystem, the company will capture and house the most comprehensive dataset of marijuana consumption in the world.
Apple gives the credit to Aleksandar Pance as the inventor of the smart pen which was eventually filed for patenting in Jan 2010.
3M Touch Systems Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of 3M (NYSE:MMM), announced today the US release of its 3M Smart Pen, an input device finely tuned for use with capacitive touchscreen devices like touch phones, tablets and monitors, including the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
This smart pen does more than write; it also records audio.
Let's imagine the following scenario from Figure 1: you have a paper and a smart pen that is connected to the computer.
Even James Bond didn't have a SMART PEN that would electronically record handwriting (or your voice) and then instantly translate the files to your computer.
Myaamia Project Director Daryl Baldwin and his staff have developed extensive home-learning materials, including the Smart Pen that plays a recording of a word in the Myaamia language when roiled over a picture of an animal.
Previously, users had to return the pen to the Smart pen tray in order to switch modes.
The SMART Pen Tray has been redesigned to hold ergonomic pens and an eraser, and it incorporates a newly designed help button and hardware expansion slot.
We live under a constitution shaped by Morris' smart pen.
Selecting a pen from the SMART Pen Tray, pilots can write over any application using either their finger or the pen.
And when you use a pen from the SMART Pen Tray, you can work naturally at the board to take notes and highlight information.