smart tags

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smart tags

(1) A browser plug-in that recognizes words and phrases on Web pages and automatically turns them into links to advertisers. Although users may find the tags annoying, website publishers loathe them because they make it easy for the user to move away from their sites. See TopText, banner ad, adserver and in-text advertising.

(2) (Smart Tags) A smart tags feature slated to be built into the Web browser in Windows XP, but removed in the first release of XP due to public opposition. Many considered Microsoft too large and powerful a company to implement such a feature.

(3) Sometimes, RFID tags are referred to as smart tags. See RFID and RFID tag.
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Since 2007 the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) has made it mandatory for all university degrees issued in the UAE to bear an RFID label or smart tag.
Thanks to a smart tag, the till could read all the goods straight from the basket.
Smart Tags were built into the browser, which was built into the operating system, leaving you with no choice.
Incorporated in 1995, Nereosoft develops and markets QuickOffer, a real estate forms package, LexWrite, a complete civil litigation forms-generation package with a backend SQL database, ProWrite, an add-in for Microsoft Outlook and Word in partnership with Avery Dennison, and Smart Tag solutions designed specifically for Office XP and 2003.
Before Smart Tags, a user who was unhappy about an AutoCorrect change had to go into the setup menu to alter the default.
Since launching the industry's first Wi-Fi-based tracking solution in 2002, Ekahau has been leading the innovation of Wi-Fi-based location algorithms and smart tag design.
This will be convenient for motorists as the Smart Tags can be programmed to automatically reload when the stored value decreases to a specified level.
Slower-moving products were manually enrolled on to the system at the distribution centre using hand-held terminals capable of reading either traditional barcodes or the new smart tags.
He previewed the next version of the Microsoft Office suite, and demonstrated how the Smart Tag functionality inside can be used to create smarter, more useful documents that take advantage of new Web services and applications.
Smart Tags allow you to secure, track, and control your data both in flight and at rest, faster, more easily, and more cost-effectively than any other solution.
Tesco has become the first European retailer to trial new radio frequency smart tags on individual products.
The code for the Smart Tags is auto-generated by [x+1]'s platform when a campaign is set up, allowing it to be simply copy-pasted and propagated through [x+1]'s intuitive user interface (UI).

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