smell test

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scent test, smell test

A test for leaks in a drainpipe; a material having a strong odor is introduced into the pipe and leaks are detected by tracing the scent to its source.
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When the researchers crossreferenced their causes of death with their results in the smell test, they found the poorest smellers had a 46% greater risk of dying within 10 years than the strongest ones.
But another indication which could help with early detection is said to be in the sense of smell, and there is suggestion smell tests may become routine in doctors surgeries, helping identify older adults who are at greater risk of developing dementia.
Summary of studies investigating candy smell test Authors Aim Renner et al.
After all, even a well-meaning person applying the SMELL test is likely to validate a report that's consistent with his or her own preexisting beliefs.
The reforms are controversial and do not appear to pass an economic smell test. A tax amnesty could theoretically make economic sense; but would need to be carefully designed and properly vetted.
"I'll just use the smell test no matter what the date says."
The smell test is naturally subjective, but it provides a clear and straightforward result, which, when taken in a set of results of various readings, can be a simple and strong tool of analysis, as happened in the present case.
According to researchers, this simple smell test could provide a quick and inexpensive way to identify those who are already at high risk.
A SIMPLE smell test has been shown to accurately predict a dementia diagnosis five years later.
President Trump's explanation for Tuesday's abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey fails the smell test in several ways.