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Smith College,

at Northampton, Mass.; undergraduate for women, graduate coeducational; chartered 1871, opened 1875 through a bequest of Sophia Smith. The first president, Laurenus Clark SeelyeSeelye, Laurenus Clark,
1837–1924, American educator and Congregational clergyman, b. Bethel, Conn., grad. Union College, 1857, and studied at Andover Theological Seminary and in Germany; brother of J. H. Seelye.
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, was influential in establishing high standards of scholarship. Smith is known for its junior-year-abroad program. It has a noted school of social work, and its art galleries are renowned for their collections of modern art. Its library has collections relating to music of the 16th and 17th cent., botany, women's history, and Jean Jacques Rousseau. The school participates in a cooperative program with Amherst, Hampshire, and Mount Holyoke colleges and the Univ. of Massachusetts.
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The first contact with SMIF came at a committee meeting at our university where local business leaders connect with faculty and administrators to develop new partnerships that might benefit students.
"Now Jarvis are off the scene and SMIF have taken over."
Jarvis's successors, SMIF, provided resources to allow designs and legal documents to progress.
Mr Bull said: "Jarvis have traded in their interest on the project to SMIF. They are now anticipating the stations will be available from April.
Zira Guney Afrika'da en acik cekilde tezahur eden gerceklik irk ve smif meselesinin sistemin yarattigi mekanizmalar marifetiyle belki de baska hicbir yerde olmadigi kadar ic ice gecmis olmasidir.
The non-adhesive micropyle region contains the major sperm-activating molecule, sperm motility initiating factor (SMIF), and this glycoprotein induces sperm motility and functions to maintain sperm in the micropyle region, thus enhancing chances for fertilization (Yanagimachi et al., 1992; Pillai et al., 1993; Griffin et al., 1996; Vines et al., 2002; Cherr et al., 2008).
Mr Salway said the group was putting the final touches to a new infrastructure fund that will fold the bulk of its mature PFI and PPP assets - acquired as part of the Secondary Markets Infrastructure Fund (Smif) deal last year - into a new investment vehicle.
Secondary Market Infrastructure Fund (SMIF) is a company which invests in infrastructure businesses throughout western Europe and has assets totalling about pounds 140m.
The ultra-WB wafer-bow/stress technology is also available on the 200 mm Vanguard platform and can be optionally equipped with SMIF pods and GEM-compliant SECS-II communications.