Smilin' Jack

Smilin’ Jack

comic strip pilot who solves crimes. [Comics: “Smilin’ Jack” in Horn, 624–625]
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Almost immediately the pair runs into trouble in the form of a vicious railroad bully, but they are rescued by Smilin' Jack, a kind and seasoned hobo.
Other winners included Byrd's Adventure Center of Ozark for Business of the Year and Smilin' Jack's of Fayetteville for Restaurant of the Year.
Smilin' Jack, the creation of cartoonist and aviation enthusiast Zack Mosely, made its debut in 1933 as On the Wing, a Sundays-only strip about student pilots, featuring Mack Martin.
Aviation was always the focus of Smilin' Jack, and the title character flew realistically drawn aircraft as he foiled the worst-laid plans of nefarious villains and attracted the romantic attentions of beauties he called "de-icers." Supporting him in his adventures were Downwind Jaxon, a character so handsome that Mosely never showed his full face, and a comic sidekick, a former headhunter named Fatstuff.
Cartoonist Zack Mosley (1906-1993) based his character "Smilin' Jack" on the popular Mississippian whose ostentatious style and "standards of ethical fairness" in competition made him bigger than life.
My children used to call me "Smilin' Jack" since my outlook is so perpetually rosy.
Donna De Angelo Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Joe Gastineau David Strathairn Noelle De Angelo Vanessa Martinez Smilin' Jack Kris Kristofferson Bobby Gastineau Casey Siemaszko Frankie Kathryn Grody Lou Rita Taggart Harmon King Leo Burmester Albright Michael Laskin Limbo" is half-priced Sayles.
Have airplane designers concluded that we are all "Smilin' Jacks" who would never need such a sophisticated warning?