Smith, Kate

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Smith, (Kathryn Elizabeth) Kate

(1909–86) singer; born in Greenville, Va. While appearing on Broadway as the contralto lead in Flying High (1930), she was discovered by agent Ted Collins. She began her radio show on CBS in 1931, immortalizing God Bless America in 1938. During World War II she toured widely to sell war bonds and entertain the troops. Star of the Kate Smith Hour (1950–54) on National Broadcasting Company television, she returned with CBS's Kate Smith Show in 1960. With her "classic" voice, her large physique, and old-fashioned values, she sustained her popularity during many years when much of the entertainment business was moving in other directions.
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High-profile MPs signing the motion include former Labour ministers Chris Smith, Kate Hoey, Peter Kilfoyle and Glenda Jackson.
The early day motion was tabled by the chairman of the influential Commons Public Administration Committee, Tony Wright, and signed by Labour former ministers Chris Smith, Kate Hoey, Peter Kilfoyle, Glenda Jackson and Mark Fisher, as well as veteran Transport Committee chairman Gwyneth Dunwoody.
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It all came home to roost when GMTV hosts Penny Smith, Kate Garraway and Ben Shepherd invited me on to their early morning sofa in their London studio for a chat about the non-events at Halfwit House.
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