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The more years that individuals smoke pot four or more days a week, the more likely they are to experience serious money problems, say social epidemiologist Magdalena Cerda of the University of California, Davis and colleagues.
If a group came out suggesting such actions to help drunk drivers avoid getting caught by police, most people would find it completely unacceptable so why should be any different for those who smoke pot? Cannabis may be harmless drug smoked at home or with friends but it actually impairs driving.
Though Americans younger than age 30 are most likely to say they currently smoke pot (18%), adults between the ages of 30 and 64 are most likely to say they have ever tried it.
Neighbors near Washburne Park in the University of Oregon area are fed up with the many people - mostly UO students - who use the park as a place to smoke pot in broad daylight, says one Columbia Street resident participating in a task force to stop the illegal activity.
Miley reportedly took to the stage to sing Rick James's single "Super Freak" and to smoke pot. Kpopstarz even quoted the singer when she made jokes about her drinking and smoking habits while on stage.
Washington, December 27 ( ANI ): Miley Cyrus has slammed Joe Jonas's claim that she and Demi Lovato first introduced him to weed, by saying that if someone wants to smoke pot, he will.
Sure they smoke pot - but it's contained within the festival.
Whoopi, 55, said: "I learned a great lesson, never smoke pot before there is the possibility of talking in front of 100 million people.
King then asked: "Did you smoke pot today?" "Sure," replied Nelson.
Matter of fact, according to a recent University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine study, teens who listen to music with marijuana references are almost twice as likely to smoke pot than their peers who jam out to artists less focused on drug use.
Single blunts, according to the county council, are a) gateways to cigarette smoking and b) drug paraphernalia, since they can be hollowed out and used to smoke pot.
Marijuana users traditionally smoke pot in fat cone-shaped joints mixed with tobacco.