Smoke Screen

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smoke screen

[′smōk ‚skrēn]
A screen of smoke used to hide a maneuver, force, place, or activity.
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Smoke Screen


an artificially created cloud of smoke or haze which impedes enemy observations and aimed fire (bombing) and conceals the operations of friendly forces. The effectiveness of a smoke screen depends on meteorological conditions and, above all, wind velocity and direction. Smoke screens may be used for either blinding or camouflaging purposes; they may be employed in frontal, flank, or rear positions, as well as in false directions, and, depending on implementation, may be either mobile or stationary. Smoke screens are created by means of smoke pots, grenades, shells, bombs, and smoke generators mounted either in stationary positions or on motor vehicles, tanks, planes, and ships.

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ECBC is currently completing a multiyear effort to refine several smoke screen compositions that will allow troops to mask themselves from enemy fire.
Perhaps Smoke Screen is a solution that caters for every side.
With reference to Josie Jenkins and Ray Fisher's letter concerning 'Smoking Guns', I remember these as oil burners to be used to provide a smoke screen on moonlit nights.
In what may be a mating display, sea worms off Bermuda swim in swirls forming "fire wheels." Some squid, when alarmed, shoot out smoke screens of luminescent ink instead of the usual black.
Or is it they prefer to waste time and money on smoke screens?
Clearly, job security demands as many smoke screens and wild goose chases as the system can provide.
Such as its ability to chuck out oil slicks and smoke screens to put off pursuers.
After experiencing a wave of devastating robberies, Aurum Holdings, a prestigious UK jewellery chain, installed Smoke Screens in more than 100 of their stores - this had a major impact on the losses they were suffering.
Swineshead, United Kingdom, August 24, 2011 --( Global security smoke pioneers, Concept Smoke Screen are proud to announce sponsorship of the Environmental Initiative category in this year's Security Excellence Awards, due to take place on Wednesday 19th October at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London.
Hoddle is an expert at putting up smoke screens in his ploy of giving as little away as possible.
For the first time in many a year, Concept Smoke Screen won't be in attendance, wowing the crowds with their spectacular smoke booth, bringing brilliant developments to the innovation table and generally stamping Smoke Screen on the security map.