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Whg is seeking to appoint a single supplier to provide periodic servicing, routine and responsive maintenance, testing, emergency work and out of hours emergency works in respect of fire alarm systems and fire equipment servicing and maintenance including: fire alarm / detection systems including smoke venting systems; fire fighting installations and equipment, dry risers (minor and major), fire hydrants; fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire door holders / closers.Whg has in excess of 540 blocks and approximately 680 systems (some blocks have more than 1 system), approximately 45 aovs, 4 offices, 27 dry risers and 4 hydrants.
Both audits found damaged or poorly fitted fire doors, and questioned whether a refurbishment had affected the operation of the building's smoke venting system.
In addition to such natural smoke venting, today there are a number of design approaches to deal with smoke in large-volume spaces.
The first arriving units found moderate smoke venting from the room.
Natural smoke venting strategies are not common in the USA but there is increasing interest.
Two firefighters wearing breathing equipment got in at the rear of the property by climbing a staircase and found that the kitchen was on fire, with flames and smoke venting through a skylight.
ABB has launched a new range of motors for smoke venting applications, designed to mitigate the development of fires in industrial and public buildings, tunnels and other locations.
These include providing ventilation of additional light, smoke venting, and/or allowing maintenance workers roof access.
These and numerous other refinements of fixing, casting, cable stiffening and sectional smoke venting, together with an insulated glass membrane roof over the whole elliptical Hall, combine into an awesome tectonic frame and skin, enclosing a breathtaking spatial volume.
Tenders are invited for Providing Smoke Venting System For Convention Centre (Lecture Theatres) At Jnu Campus, New Delhi
Supply and installation of smoke venting and stretch ventilation systems.
Lot 12 Ventilation: Ventilation include ventilation systems and ventilation systems for comfort and process ventilation for university buildings including laboratories, offices, meeting rooms, entertainment, canteen, kitchen, auditoriums, teaching, lobby and support facilities and smoke venting and pressure relief valve ring of stairs.