Smoke Screen

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smoke screen

[′smōk ‚skrēn]
A screen of smoke used to hide a maneuver, force, place, or activity.

Smoke Screen


an artificially created cloud of smoke or haze which impedes enemy observations and aimed fire (bombing) and conceals the operations of friendly forces. The effectiveness of a smoke screen depends on meteorological conditions and, above all, wind velocity and direction. Smoke screens may be used for either blinding or camouflaging purposes; they may be employed in frontal, flank, or rear positions, as well as in false directions, and, depending on implementation, may be either mobile or stationary. Smoke screens are created by means of smoke pots, grenades, shells, bombs, and smoke generators mounted either in stationary positions or on motor vehicles, tanks, planes, and ships.

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After that, it was requisitioned by the Army during the Second World War, when the grounds were used as an experimental station for smoke-screen camouflage.
The inquiry to see what to do with education in Cardiff is a smoke-screen. It's obvious the Lib Dems intend to close schools, they just haven't got the guts to say so.
This idiotic scheme is yet another smoke-screen to detract from the fact that immigration has tripled in the past five years and is now out of control.
Despite an official smoke-screen, it is obvious that those in power are thinking seriously about the unthinkable.
This was the perfect smoke-screen. One sympathises with any serious actress confused between being conned into performing for a pervert's private enjoyment and a real audition for, say, appearing in S4C's deeply sad sex guide, Tabw.
Current proposals for a form of proportional representation represent nothing more than a fig-leaf (or smoke-screen) for the continuing shenanigans.
Renaming the island is another MoD smoke-screen as far as we veterans are concerned.
One man, who asked not to be named, said: "I think this welfare and care stuff is just a smoke-screen. They haven't got the bottle to do anything about it so they're just covering up.
Unless, of course, it is all just a public relations smoke-screen - making him look tough when, in actual fact, he has just given the cops powers they already had.
"This is a cynical smoke-screen," Blaenau Gwent MP Llew Smith insisted last night.
But beneath the smoke-screen, however, O'Neill is considering the pounds 1.5million-a-year lure from north of the border.
Injuries have thrown a smoke-screen around the Italian's preparations.