Smolka, Stanislaw

Smolka, Stanisław


Born June 29, 1854, in L’vov; died Aug. 27, 1924, in Nowoszycy, in what is now L’vov Oblast. Polish historian.

The son of the political figure F. Smolka, Smolka received his doctorate in 1873 from the University of Göttingen. Between 1876 and 1883 he was a professor first at the University of L’vov and then at the Jagellonian University. In 1884 he joined the Academy of Sciences in Kraków.

Smolka was a leading representative of the Kraków school in Polish historiography. His most important works of the 1870’s and 1880’s are devoted to medieval Polish history. At the beginning of the 20th century he turned to modern history, producing an apologetic biography of F. K. Lubecki and publishing Lubecki’s correspondence.


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