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A frost-preventive measure used in orchards; properly, it means the production of heavy smoke, supposed to prevent radiational cooling, but it is generally applied to both heating and smoke production.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

In Witchcraft, the consecration of a person or thing involves a sprinkling with salted water and a "censing" with the smoke of incense. Some Wiccans have adopted the Native American form of censing known as "smudging," which involves the burning of sage and other herbs and grasses.

Almost any herb that smells good when burned may be used for smudging. Any combination of two or three of the following herbs are traditionally favored among Native Americans: sage or sagebrush (Artemisia spp.); sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata); calamus (Acorus calamus); red willow bark (Cornus amomum); dogswood bark (Cornus floridum); cedar needles or bark (Thuja, Chamaecyparis, and Juniperus spp.); and tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum). After being ground or cut finely, the herbs are burned on an open plate such as a thin, flat rock or a shell, and the smoke is wafted onto the person or thing using a feather or fan made of bird's wings.

Modern Wiccans will also use white sage, garden sage, sweetgrass, and lavender. These can be dried, then the leaves tied together in a tight bundle wrapped with thread, and the resulting "stick" is burned.

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Making field drawings relies less upon refined techniques like smudging and erasing than upon attention to fine detail, accurate placement of features, and good descriptive notes.
Start smudging and continue to build the image until the desired density is met.
The smudging, or space clearing, is meant to cleanse the air and energise the atmosphere.
Virtually no smudging after my shower and lashes were separated perfectly.'
Attempts to directly post-print boxes made with linerboard coated with these types of formulations have failed due to problems with dot gain, smudging, and metal marking.
To reduce dot gain and prevent smudging, the coating structure requires "opening" to provide pores for rapid capillary transport of ink vehicle from the surface.
I do not believe in violence in any way, but like Gandhi's people making salt freely on the shores of the Indian Ocean, the act of smudging privately in your cell could very well be the next step in asserting our rights as Aboriginals, as Canadians, and as dignified people.
It also stood the test of a long day at work without smudging.
Now she has returned home to practice the art of "smudging".
Colour concentration is not the best but it looks natural and does last without smudging.
SMUDGING is a method of using the smoke from burning herbs to cleanse your body, an object, or your home or workplace.
She said: "I know people are sceptical but smudging is about the energy you give to a particular space.