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a mountain peak on the Polish-Czechoslovak border in the Krkonoše Hory. Snĕžka is the highest peak in the Su-detes, with an elevation of 1,602 m. It is composed of schists, and its slopes have rock streams, forests, and mountain meadows. The peak is covered with snow for more than seven months of the year. It has a weather station and a cableway. The area is a national park. [23–1883–]

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Perhaps the first mention of the construction under consideration focuses on its Czech variant analyzed in Belie (1954, 1969), where it is referred to as a "construction of the type je videt Snezka / je videt Snezku" (Belic 1969: 37).
Winds reached more than 100 kph in several parts of the Czech Republic and topped out at 180 kph on Snezka, at 1,602 metres the country's highest mountain, Czech Television reported.
One weekend Mary Jane and I reached the summit of Snezka, the highest mountain in the Czech lands, just a mile above sea level but a climb of 2,800 vertical feet.
The oldest record of a group touristic event in the Czech Republic is a Snezka climb in 1557.
Adam Plachetka towers above the others (I conclude so only after listening to the recording!) to the extent that Mont Blanc dwarfs the highest Czech peak - Snezka. The Czech Ensemble Baroque Orchestra plays very well and with enthusiasm, yet as regards this particular repertoire, it is impossible to forget about projects accomplished by, for instance, Les Arts Florissants, II Complesso Barocco, Concentus musicus Wien and Academy of Ancient Music, which are superior.
(ADPnews) - Sep 29, 2010 - The European Commission said today it had concluded that financial support of CZK 250 million (USD 14m/EUR 10m) for the reconstruction of a cableway on Mount Snezka, a mountain located on the Czech-Polish border, does not constitute state aid in the sense of EU rules.
and Rehak, J., jr.: 2002b, New permanent GPS observatories Snezka (SNEZ) and Biskupska kupa (BISK).
The VOP-26 company in Sternberk, the Czech Republic, developed the Snezka artillery-reconnaissance system, based on a turret-mounted radar that is raised on a 14-meter mast.
This weekend, he is attending a football match in Eastern Bohemia, and will then go on to climb Snezka, the country's highest mountain, along with the national Youth Organisation - a traditional expedition that takes place each year.
Problems and solutions of remote control and data downloading are discussed below for the GPS observatory SNEZ located on the top of the Snezka Mt., 1603 metres above sea level.
These parameters have been measured on four GPS stations (WROC, GOPE, BISK, SNEC) with the use of meteo packs, and on four synoptic stations: WROCLAW AIRPORT, PRAHA-KBELY, CERVENA, SNEZKA (Figure 1).
2) SNEC (the Snezka Mt., 1602 m, the Giant Mts.) and BISK (the Biskupska kupa Mt., 890 m, the Jesenlky Mts.) There are two GPS antennas at the Snezka Mt.; one antenna is permanently placed on the top of the reinforced chimney of the small building "Postovna" and the second one seasonally on the top of 8 m high geodetic pillar (Schenk et al., 2002; Cacon et al., 2004).