a lake in northeastern Poland; one of the Mazo-vian Lakes. The largest lake in Poland, Lake Śniardwy has an area of 113.8 sq km and a depth of 23.4 m. Some of its winding shores are covered with pine forests; others are swampy. Many islands dot the lake. Lake Śniardwy is drained by the Pisa River into the Narew River of the Vistula River basin. It is frozen for three months of the year. There is fishing and navigation on the lake. Lake Śniardwy is a center for water sports. [23–1901–]

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Zakrzewski was one of dozens of ice boaters who competed in the Mazurian Cup, Poland's leading ice boat competition which is held in late January on the 114km surface of the shallow and fast freezing Lake Sniardwy.
Rescue teams recovered two bodies and one seriously injured survivor at Sniardwy Lake in the Suwalki region, about 155 miles north-east of Warsaw.