smell test

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scent test, smell test

A test for leaks in a drainpipe; a material having a strong odor is introduced into the pipe and leaks are detected by tracing the scent to its source.
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Now FSS is kicking off a campaign highlighting 20 common "kitchen crimes" including the sniff test mistake to check if ham is stilll safe to eat.
A scratch and sniff test that asks subjects to identify 40 odors and ranks olfaction is almost as powerful as a predictor of Alzheimer's disease is a positive test of amyloid.
Well, I think Barton has aspirations to manage himself and I suspect there will be a challenge for him when he is looking to enforce discipline and culture in his players because I don't think he passed the sniff test on that himself.
You may want to do the classic sniff test to see if it's past its best".
A SNIFF test predicts whether someone will suffer dementia - five years before it is diagnosed.
There are lots of dietary trends that don't pass the sniff test.
But the diet the Democrat devised earlier this month via federal legislation doesn't pass the refuse industry's sniff test.
Morgan has beautiful prose, tough reporting chops and a great nose for what doesn't pass the sniff test.
The sensor picked up the smell of decay from room-temperature meats, though refrigerated meat passed the sniff test even after four days.
As you're evaluating what you want to do, make sure it passes the sniff test of common sense.
The 22-year-old woman said that to pass the sniff test the diapers have to have pee in it and the heavier ones having more pee are better.