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sniping software

Software that places a bid in an online auction just a few seconds before the bidding is scheduled to close for that item. Called "bid snipers," there are several products on the market. See online auction.
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a rifleman who is skilled in marksmanship, camouflage, and observation; the term “sniper” first appeared in the British Army during World War I. In the Soviet Armed Forces, sniper training was greatly expanded during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45. Snipers had the task of eliminating enemy snipers, officers, observers, couriers, artillery and machine-gun crews, low-flying aircraft, and other targets. They were armed with rifles equipped with telescopic sights, which increased aiming accuracy and made it possible to fire effectively at distances up to 800 m. Snipers usually worked in pairs: one man fired, and the other acted as an observer. Since the war, sniper training has been conducted in the armed forces of many countries. The term “sniper” is sometimes applied to marksmen in other types of units, such as artillery, armored, or aviation units.

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Najib asserted that this was why there was always increased security around him at all times, claiming that the sniper had used a 'long-range, high powered sniper rifle'.
The Germans and Japanese also made their sniper rifles shootable with their iron sights.
Around 30 of the two sniper rifles have been procured by the Northern Army Commander through his special financial powers to augment the firepower of the troops on the LoC where Pakistanis had been sniping at Indian troops regularly.
Upmedia reported that Taiwan's ground force snipers have been trained in the United States and are mostly capable of carrying out shooting from a distance between 1,300 meters and 1,500 meters by employing a lightweight sniper rifle, and from a distance between 1,800 meters and 2,000 meters with a heavyweight sniper rifle.
"Emirates Sniper is a wireless 4x4 vehicle controlled by remote controll, and made from a solid steel plate that weighs 11 kg," said the police's spokesperson Majid Ibrahim Al Zarouni, who invented the machine.
The capability building is in the pipeline," he said.Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat had said last month that the Northern Command is soon going to be equipped with the new sniper rifles from this month.
The incident took place about 400 meters from the spot where Staff Sergeant Aviv Levy was shot by a sniper from Hamas last Friday, which caused a significant escalation in the area and Hamas's initiated response to a ceasefire.
This was contrary to initial reports that the killer was about 150 meters away from the target, which had investigators theorizing that the assassin was a trained sniper.
Carranza, who said before the briefing that he had some training in sniper firing, relayed the army's definition of snipers.
Edward Carranza, regional director of PRO-4A, explained that the minimum distance that a sniper usually shoots a target is at 500 meters or more.
When the XM21 sniper variant of the M14 National Match rifle replaced the old MID sniper rifle in the 1960s, a new 7.62mm sniper cartridge was needed.
To make this happen, the RCAF wants to reposition the Lockheed Martin-made Sniper Pod (installed on CF-188s as part of upgrades during 2007-2008), from the aircraft's left side below the engine intake to the under-fuselage centreline; directly behind the nose landing gear.