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A broad, level, relatively smooth and uniform snow cover on ground or ice at high altitudes or in mountainous regions above the snow line.
The accumulation area of a glacier.
A small glacier or accumulation of perennial ice and snow too small to be designated a glacier.



an accumulation of snow, firn, or ice in mountains or on plains that remains longer than the surrounding snow cover (seasonal snowfield) or year-round (perennial snow-field). Perennial snowfields usually occur in places protected from wind, or sun—on steep slopes or at the foot of such slopes, under the crests or brows of terraces, and in hollows, niches, and cirques; in polar regions they also occur in the form of gigantic drifts. Perennial snowfields are formations intermediate between the seasonal snow cover and glaciers. They differ from the latter in that they are smaller, they do not last as long, they are not divided into areas of accumulation and areas of melting, and they show no perceptible signs of movement. Avalanche snowfields are a special type; they may be preserved for long periods in unprotected places because of the huge masses of snow deposited by an avalanche.


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Standing, finally, on the crest of a snow field looking down into the valley, I gazed at the beautiful blue lake studded with floating sheets of ice.
After a marathon climb, hacking fresh tracks through ice and snow fields, they had to summon reserves of energy to battle back to the safety of camp as their bodies reached exhaustion and their prosthetics reached destruction.
On the snow fields of Hoth, the Empire's white armor blends in but the Rebels are easy to spot and pick off.
Some of the best retrieves I have ever seen have been made in the spring snow fields," Nick recalled.
UV radiation reaching the cockpit can also increase when the plane flies over thick cloud cover or snow fields, which can reflect up to 85 percent of the UV radiation.
I am looking out on hillside with more shades of green than I can count, but at the top of the hill there are still snow fields despite the fact that it is already July.
They enjoyed the view of the sun rising above the summit while roped together, paused to read inspirational quotes and shared personal stories as they climbed long snow fields and glaciers to Mount Rainier's 14,411-foot summit.
Demand for Turkey's ski resorts, which offer cheap package deals and high-quality snow fields, as well as reported increases in food and labour costs, saw Turkey in the top five price increase list twice.
There are no groomed pistes running down from this peak, just the whole mountainside of freeride heaven with steep wide snow fields separated by sharp rocky outcrops and narrow couloirs.
There the scouts tackled the rocky paths, snow fields and fast flowing streams in total isolation at Skjolden, near Bergen.
Our guide led us by moonlight across glittering snow fields to a cosy gte with a roaring fire, where we ate a hearty Savoyarde dinner.
lt;i>I will never see this again</i>, I think, snapping pictures, something of self left behind, I now captive, he with me here as an ochre sun burns through, backlights snow fields, winter trees-- patterns of black, outlines of white.