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snow goose

a North American goose, Anser hyperboreus (or Chen hyperborea or A. caerulescens), having a white plumage with black wing tips

Snow Goose


(Chen caerulescens), a bird of the family Anatidae, order Anseriformes. Length, to 73 cm; weight, to 2.25 kg. Its plumage is white, and its first wing feathers are black. The beak and feet are red. The young are rusty gray with dark gray beaks and feet and assume adult markings in their fourth year.

The snow goose is distributed on the arctic shore of North America from Alaska to western Greenland, and in the USSR on Vrangel’ Island. It winters in the southern part of North America. Until the 19th century snow geese were numerous and widely distributed on the northern shore of eastern Siberia. Because of increased commercial exploitation (particularly of molting geese, which cannot fly) and the collection of its eggs, by the 20th century snow geese were preserved only on Vrangel’ Island, where up to 200,000 pairs (about half the world population of snow geese) nest. There is a wildlife preserve there, and hunting of snow geese is forbidden. Snow geese nest in colonies on dry parts of tundra near water. The nest is a small depression in the moss lined with grass. There are three to six eggs in a clutch. The female incubates the eggs. At the end of July snow geese gather in big flocks for molting.


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When a quick look at longevity records from the Bird Banding Lab failed to show any for greater snow geese I contacted Danny Bystrak, a wildlife biologist at the lab.
The Conservation Order is a separate season open only for snow geese and occurs after Delawares regular waterfowl hunting seasons close.
The EPA is still investigating whether MR adhered to the 1996 plan when the snow geese landed in November.
A survey of goose hunters in Nebraska found that 40 percent were opposed or strongly opposed to legalizing the sale of hunter-harvested snow geese.
Speaking waterfowl hunting this season, an official spokesperson said, "Because of the large number of migrating ducks and geese, hunters who choose to hunt with Show Me Snow Geese can opt for booking the earlier part of the season at the Golden Triangle Duck Club or Book the later season in south east Missouri for a combination Specklebelly goose & Duck hunt.
We collected juvenile and adult white-fronted geese and adult snow geese by shooting individuals from passing flocks with shotguns as they returned to randomly selected wetland roosts located throughout the Rainwater Basin and CPRV on public and private lands, 10 Feb.
Missuk wants to be a great carver like her father, but can never seem to capture the beauty of the snow geese in her own carvings.
In the far North, Missuk dreams of carving snow geese out of soapstone.
When bears switch to the tundra in some areas, they may enter the nesting grounds of snow geese.
Lesser snow geese (Chen caerulescens caerulescens) have commonly been associated with mortality events in the RWB and are known to carry virulent strains of Pasteurella multocida, the agent causing avian cholera.
Viewers will also see 400,000 snow geese crossing the eastern seaboard of the United States.