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sport of sliding over snow on skis—long, narrow, flexible runners. Water skiing is a warm-weather sport in which a motor-propelled craft tows a skier through the water.
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The new backhoe can accommodate several types of attachments including 6-in-1 buckets, augers, snowblades, hammers and v-type buckets, among others.
Sin duda, entre los temas actuales de mayor interes se encuentra el de los productos derivados (forwards, futuros, swaps, opciones de diversos tipos, notas estructuradas, titulos bancarios estructurados, snowballs y snowblades, swaps de riesgo de incumplimiento, borhis combinados con opciones, etc.) y el impacto que el creciente uso de estos puede tener en los fundamentales de la economia, lo cual, a su vez, tiene efectos en el proceso de toma de decisiones de los diferentes agentes que participan en la economia (consumidores, inversionistas, empresas, gobierno, exportadores, etc.) y en los objetivos planteados por los disenadores de politica economica; en particular en lo que se refiere a las politicas monetaria y cambiaria.
'As winter sports become more adventurous so the risk of injury becomes more likely, making a comprehensive travel insurance policy as much of a 'must have' as the latest pair of freestyle snowblades.
Snowblades are very short skis used without poles that make you look pretty stylish at speed, even if you're a relative newcomer to skiing.
PRINCE Harry reigned as a mountain king yesterday when he showed off his new snowblades.
Crouched low with knees tucked into his chest, he landed faultlessly after making a leap on his pounds 120 Buzz snowblades.
Snowboarders boasted they would outnumber skiers by the year 2000 but snowblades - similar to two slim snowboards - are helping ski producers fight back.
The 14-year-old prince, wearing short Snowblades but without ski-poles to help keep his balance, managed to land smoothly, like his 50-year-old father, the Prince of Wales, who used orthodox skis and with poles.
SNOWBLADES first hit the shops last year but only became popular this winter.
He left his traditional skis at home and in an attempt to keep up with other trendy teenagers, joined the new snowblades craze sweeping Europe's slopes.
The 14-year-old prince, wearing short snowblades bu t without ski-poles to help keep his balance, managed to land smoothly.