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A broad, level, relatively smooth and uniform snow cover on ground or ice at high altitudes or in mountainous regions above the snow line.
The accumulation area of a glacier.
A small glacier or accumulation of perennial ice and snow too small to be designated a glacier.
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an accumulation of snow, firn, or ice in mountains or on plains that remains longer than the surrounding snow cover (seasonal snowfield) or year-round (perennial snow-field). Perennial snowfields usually occur in places protected from wind, or sun—on steep slopes or at the foot of such slopes, under the crests or brows of terraces, and in hollows, niches, and cirques; in polar regions they also occur in the form of gigantic drifts. Perennial snowfields are formations intermediate between the seasonal snow cover and glaciers. They differ from the latter in that they are smaller, they do not last as long, they are not divided into areas of accumulation and areas of melting, and they show no perceptible signs of movement. Avalanche snowfields are a special type; they may be preserved for long periods in unprotected places because of the huge masses of snow deposited by an avalanche.


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These habitats include montane dry sub-tropical scrub zone, alpine meadows and alpine scrub zone, sub-alpine scrub zone, dry temperate evergreen oak scrub, agricultural lands, dry temperate coniferous forests, dry alpine zone and permanent snowfields. Based on different direct and indirect evidence, assessment of habitat preference by Ladakh urial was carried out in all these habitat types.
Ice axes in hands and crampons on boots we made slow progress, traversing across the face of a steep snowfield, taking it in turns to break trail before we eventually reached the ridge where we were welcomed by a fierce blizzard of hailstones.
Throughout history, these ice patches and snowfields have been robust enough to survive the hot summer months, during which time they provide big-game animals relief from heat and insects.
Though Rafferty Creek originates in an alpine basin, it lacks a glacier or permanent snowfield at its source and goes dry in late summer.
Woolf's insistence on the unknowability of this "snowfield of the mind" (15) marks the clearest point of divergence from her mother's perspective as nurse and caretaker of the ill in Notes from Sick Rooms.
The main boot track typically avoids crevasses, but some of the glissade paths down the snowfield might not.
"That's too bad," she said, still shaking her head in disbelief at how fast that brown bear covered the open snowfield in front of us.
The contracts are being signed to establish the terms under which mining operations at one project can encroach on the other's boundaries, and explore the potential for the joint development of Seabridge's KSM project and Pretium's Snowfield project.
Combining Tyson's text with Clelland's humorous but informative illustrations, their guide provides readers with the knowledge and advanced techniques needed to safely cross glaciers and extract oneself from crevasses--all meant to first be practiced in a safe, controlled environment such as a lawn, a tree, or an unglaciated snowfield. The text is not a comprehensive mountaineering manual and assumes readers have already learned many basic outdoor skills from a credible instructor, such as fundamental rope work, avalanche safety, and first aid.
Across a snowfield, bear tracks recede into the distance, a reminder that field science isnAAEt for wimps.
Each episode takes you on a different climb, whether on a glacier, an impossible face of sheer rock covered in ice, or across a snowfield which has crevices hundreds of feet deep laying in wait like an ominous booby-trap.
During winter, a patch or so of its dead stalks gives a feeling of warmth to a snowfield.