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A storm in which snow falls.



(metel’ ’in Russian), the carrying of snow by the wind in the air close to the earth’s surface. Three different types are distinguished ipozemok (drifting snow), low snowstorm, and general snowstorm. The pozemok and low snowstorm represent phenomena in which the wind raises the snow from the ground; they take place without snow falling from the clouds. A pozemok occurs at low wind speeds (up to 5 m/sec), when most of the snowflakes are lifted just a few centimeters. A low snowstorm occurs at greater wind speeds, when snowflakes are lifted 2 m and more, reducing visibility, sometimes to 100 m and less. A low snowstorm and & pozemok merely redistribute snow that has fallen earlier. In a general, or upper, snowstorm snow falls during a strong wind (usually more than 10 m/sec) and is accompanied by a significant increase in the snow cover throughout the region. When there is a strong wind and air temperatures are low, a snowstorm is called by the local name buran (primarily in the Asian USSR).

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