Frans Snyders

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Snyders, Frans


(also Snijders). Baptized Nov. 11, 1579, in Antwerp; died there Aug. 19, 1657. Flemish painter.

Snyders studied under P. Brueghel the Younger and H. van Balen. He worked on several paintings together with P. P. Rubens. From 1602 (?) to 1609 he lived in Italy. Snyders was the greatest Flemish master of still life and animal portrayal; the human figures in his paintings were done by J. Jordaens, A. Janssens, and other artists. Snyders’ monumental works, for example, Still Life with a Swan (17th century; A. S. Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow), are distinguished for their sweeping composition and skillfull rendering of texture, as well as for the vigorous force of their imagery.


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