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Heating an alloy, usually an ingot, to a temperature not far below its melting temperature and holding it there for a long time to eliminate segregation that occurred on solidification.
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in the leather industry, treatment of the hide with water mixed with accelerators such as sodium sulfite, antiseptics (sodium fluosilicate), and surface-active agents (Sulfonol and Sapal). Soaking is an important treatment for preserved raw material whose moisture content has decreased.

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Keywords: Snap bean, Seed soaking, Foliar spraying, GA3, IAA, Amino acids, Plant vegetative growth, Pods yield and quality.
With the increase in soaking time and the accompanying continuation of the reaction, the filling paste not only produces a large amount of AFt, but the expansion of the filling paste body increases, resulting in an accompanying stress increase, reducing the strength of the filling paste, and causing the precipitation of gypsum crystals.
Despite having a similar cooking time than heirlooms, Pinto required over 2 hours more preparation time because of its low rate of hydration during soaking. Hutterite Soup had the longest cooking time; however, total preparation time was the middle value observed.
During soaking, the samples were taken out from the solution every 10 days, and the surface water of the samples was wiped off with a cotton cloth, and then the samples were left in the air for 5 minutes to ensure that the liquid is volatilized and dried.
Keywords: Durum and Bread wheat varieties; Water uptake; Soaking; Peleg's model; Activation energy
The wheat seed soaking in water like seed priming can be helpful to overcome the problem of low seed germination in relay wheat in standing cotton.
The study aims to evaluate the characteristics of the chemical composition and physical macrostructur of hair waste from Bali cattle using 0.5M NaOH as a soaking solution and different processing time.
The recipes I found used both cold soaking overnight, cooking the grain, or a combination of both, then blending and straining.
A widespread culinary conviction asserts that soaking beans will make them more digestible by breaking down complex carbohydrates in the bean to form more readily digestible carbohydrates--thus reducing flatulence.
WORKERS, bosses and individuals braved a cold soak-viduals soaking after completing an Ice Bucket Challenge for charity.
Blueberry yogurt cheesecake Serves - 4 Serves - 4 Prep time - 15 minutes Prep time - 15 minutes Soaking time - 4 hours Soaking time - 4 hours Setting time - 1-2 hours Setting time - 1-2 hours INGREDIENTS 500g Alpro Simply Plain 500g Alpro Simply Plain alternative to yogurt alternative to yogurt 150g of blueberries 150g of blueberries 3 leaves of gelatin 3 leaves of gelatin 100g macadamia nuts 100g macadamia nuts 50g medjool dates 50g medjool dates 10g desiccated coconut 10g desiccated coconut METHOD Place the macadamia Place the macadamia nuts in a bowl and cover nuts in a bowl and cover with cold water.