Sobolevskii, Sergei

Sobolevskii, Sergei Ivanovich


Born Aug. 13 (25), 1864, in Moscow; died there May 6, 1963. Soviet scholar and philologist. Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1928). Brother of A. I. Sobolevskii.

A graduate of Moscow University (1886), Sobolevskii became a professor there in 1892. In 1928 he became affiliated with the M. Gorky Institute of World Literature. His master’s thesis (1890) and doctoral dissertation (1892), both written in Latin, were devoted to the analysis of the language of Aristophanes. Sobolevskii’s main works are studies of ancient Greek and Latin. He translated works by Lysias, Xenophon, and Terence, among others, and wrote grammars and textbooks for the study of Latin and Greek.

Sobolevskii was awarded the Order of Lenin and various medals.


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Grammatika latinskogo iazyka, part 1, 3rd ed. Moscow, 1950. Part 2, 2nd ed.: Moscow, 1939.
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Publii Terentsii: Adel’fy. Moscow, 1954.