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Saturday's violence in Port Said erupted when a court sentenced 21 men, most from the city, to death for involvement in the disaster in the city's soccer stadium which killed 74 people on February.
So this might not be the best time to start building a clutch of fancy 2010 soccer stadiums. The current demand for construction is too high, there is too much development funding around and not enough skills capacity to get the job done.
There are 12 FC T-Mobile Beach Soccer Star mascot spaces up for grabs and all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is answer this question: Where will the FC T-Mobile Beach Soccer Stadium be located?
The redevelopment of the national soccer stadium has been hit by cost blowouts, and last year Multiplex was also the target of a series of extortion threats when blackmailers said that crane operators in Britain and Australia would be shot by snipers unless the company handed over pounds 21 million.
On the outskirts of Bristol, England, there is a small soccer stadium called Mangotsfield, a place so remote that most locals have not heard of it.
A North-East shopping centre is holding a football-themed party day to celebrate the opening of a new soccer stadium.
The existence of a colony on the proposed site for a national soccer stadium was famously exploited by London Mayor Ken Livingstone as a reason why the prestige project should not come to Birmingham.
The velodrome hosted the Junior Track World Championships this year, while the soccer stadium is the official home of the Los Angeles Galaxy MLS soccer team and high school football championships.
Golden Palace spokesman Drew Black said: 'We are going to look for a soccer stadium in Great Britain to allow people to kick the ball, perhaps against the same Portuguese goalkeeper, all for charity purposes.'
Soccer fans can watch professional matches of Japan's J League at Kashima Soccer Stadium, which served as a venue for World Cup soccer games in 2002 and is home to a perennial powerhouse, the Kashima Antlers.
Visitors to the soccer stadium - the site of the celebrations - were searched by Karzai's US bodyguards, and by local intelligence agents and the police.
The planned soccer stadium would also provide a venue for concerts and other events.