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KARACHI -- Singer Ali Haider is back in action with his latest song Socho as an Independence Day special.
Arey bantne wale logon, zara socho, Bharat ka samvidhan kehta hai jo Bharat ka voter ho gaya wo Bharat ka nagrik ho gaya, aap usko nahi nikal sakte)," he added.
The event will end on Jan 20 with Socho Tau Sahi, a standup act by Usman Mazhar and a play Jungle Mein Mangal Bazaar directed by Meesam Naqvi.
Warning Maryam Nawaz and other rivals within the party, he quoted famous poet Munir Niazi's couplet: 'Adab ki baat hai, warna Munir socho tau Jau shakhs sunnta hai, who bol bi tau sakkta hai [It is a matter of respect Munir otherwise, the person who listens can also respond].' The Leaguer said he reserved the right to respond if the 'pawns' continued to target him.
This year, the Real Estate and Investment Pakistan Expo' was held under the patronage of Ahmed Shaikhani, President, Pakistan Business Council, Dubai, Kamran Khan, Commercial Attache, Pakistan Embassy, Abu Dhabi and Irfan Afsar Awan, a core-committee member of the 'Socho Pakistan' (Think Pakistan) initiative.
The rally displayed slogans like "Vote Matters a LOT; Go for Vote; Socho Samjho Fir Vote Karo; Aapka Vote, Aapka Adhikaar; Aapkaa Vote, Aapki Taakat; Vote for a better India and many such more.
Socho? Why?', 'We must name important assets of the country who have contributed to society.
Socho Pakistan -- which in Urdu means 'Think Pakistan' -- has been educating workers in labour camps on UAE laws and providing meals and counselling sessions.
Socho!" By Giridhar Jha in Patna The RJD chief had quick responses to his tweet, though.
"Socho no Kubi: Tdei Yakuza-eiga no Tensei o Kishite" ("The President's Neck: For the Sake of the Toei Yakuza Film's Reincarnation").
The Fourth ZAB Media Festival was a week-long event organized by SZABIST which encouraged students to think about Karachi in a unique and intellectually stimulating manner and was appropriately called "Socho Karachi".
Ben Azzai is cited as saying, "The recompense of a good deed is a good deed, and the reward for a transgression is a transgression." (4:2) We also learn that Antigonus of Socho had learned from Simon the Just to be "like servants that minister to the master without receiving a reward." (1:3) In both cases, we understand that goodness is objectively good because it is a necessary part of human interaction, which leads us to the issue of politics.