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Maybe we are supposed to be the company's social director, keeping track of the various promotions, new hires and service anniversaries?
Alesha Badgley, social director of his care centre, said: "He started with 'Mom' and surprised her.
"He started out with `Mom' and then it was `Pepsi' and then `milk'," Alesha Badgley, Stone County Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre social director, said yesterday.
CRUISE DIRECTOR The person who is, in essence, the head tour manager for an entire ship; also known as the Social Director or Activities Director.
They'd rather pay someone else to do it and enjoy their leisure time at the theater, day tripping, or joining in any one of a number of club activities organized for their pleasure by social director Jill Klein.
The contract expired last year and the newly elected ABTA board chose not to renew it as members were unhappy with the high costs of booths at last year's show and with the preponderance of nonindustry visitors, who were mostly out to collect exhibs' freebies, according to Alvaro Pacheco, ABTA's social director.
"Pat" Murphy "complaint manager" of the company that bears his name, was a friend, guidance counselor, and social director to three or four generations of our staff.
She was social director at the Grand Lido Braco Hotel, in the resort where training took place.
Boards grow and decay depending on delicate fluctuations of interest, and a successful system operator is an editor, architect, technician, social director, and, in this case, curator rolled into one.
Where Branagh's movie goes wrong is when it doesn't trust Shakespeare enough and, like an overly insistent social director, keeps reminding the audience that it's supposed to be having fun.
He also became the social director, tour guide, historian, and local expert.
Others include: Abiodun DAMILOLA as Assistant General Secretary, Oshoniyi Walui as Social Director, Adesanya Mayowa as Welfare Director, Onobanjo Damilola as Financial Secretary.

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