Public housing

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Public housing

Low-cost housing owned, sponsored, or administered by a municipal or other government agency.

public housing

Low-cost housing, owned, sponsored, or administered by a municipal or other governmental agency.
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Here in Liverpool about one in every four homes is social housing, and many of our families rely on social landlords and the council to make sure those homes are safe, warm and well managed.
Perhaps the best starting point for social landlords to improve their services to LGBT people is to collect basic data on the sexual orientation or gender identity of their applicants, tenants and staff.
Cartrefi Conwy have 15 injunctions 'live' dealing with serious cases of noise, nuisance and even criminal behaviour and they are the first social landlord in North Wales to be signed up as Working Towards the Welsh Assembly Government's Standard for Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour.
Mapeley did not confirm who the social landlord provider was and Glenbrook QD could not be reached by the ECHO for comment.
An Integrated Approach Yet many of the approaches developed so far have focussed on specific elements of social landlord work, such as their contribution to supporting local economies, to environmental sustainability and quantifying their 'added value' or community investment operations.
The service specification outlines the Registered Social Landlord provision of 5 high quality forensic pathway step up/ step down flats for clients with learning disabilities.
ALMOST PS3m has been saved for residents by an advice team set up by two Teesside social landlords.
The social landlord has signed up to the Chartered Institute of Housing's Respect Charter.
A SOCIAL landlord with properties across the West Midlands is taking direct control of its repairs and maintenance work.
This proactive approach will also foster good relations between social landlord and tenants, instil a sense of joint ownership of services and provide solutions that are mutually beneficial.
The social landlord made the award as part of its approach to Community Investment, supporting community projects in the district.
The market will feature four acts of engagement, one for each social landlord.

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