social theory

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social theory

a term often used to refer to all or any general theoretical accounts of social relations, whatever their disciplinary base or origin. Thus a distinction can be drawn between SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY in a narrow sense, the theory produced by those fully identified with, and working within, paradigms clearly located within disciplinary sociology and those theories produced outside it.

Given the open-ended and eclectic nature of sociology as a discipline (as discussed in the Introduction of this Dictionary), the distinction between sociological theory and social theory is not a hard-and-fast one, and many sociologists in fact prefer to work with whichever theories appear most relevant, whatever their disciplinary source (as indeed is often the case within this Dictionary). In doing this they may sometimes also prefer to present themselves as 'social theorists’.

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In warming himself at French social theories he had brought away no smell of scorching.
Transforming Probation: Social Theories and the Criminal Justice System
This overall theme includes research in new perspectives in social theories, as well as computational algorithms for analyzing social media.
To the social scientist open to exploring new domains, From the Edge of Chaos is a thought-provoking read, likely to open up new avenues into the development of social theories and practices.
Secondly a close examination of standard critical explanations, such as the theory of ideology, that shows such explanation typically appeal to variety of social theories.
The authors propose an outline for understanding the proliferation of social theories that they loosely dub "conflict constructionism.
In conclusion, while this book does provide a comparative overview of influential German social theories from a new perspective and illustrates the continuity of certain narrative structures in theorists' works, the value of the application of the golem myth to such a study is not always convincing.
ideology, religion, law, logic) provide a useful criterion by which to judge the capacity of social theories to adjudicate truth claims (Also see Baert, 2005; Magee, 1985).
However, Kern's original research comes, not with his recapitulations of scientific and social theories, but with his close reading of more than 100 murder novels written between 1830 and the present.
The lesson this time, however, may be that recycling some social theories, including "bootstrap capitalism," is no solution at all.
I contend that convoluted style, idiosyncratic appropriation of social theories, and often sloppy editing simply do this author a disservice.
In general, when not doing good, old-fashioned intellectual history, Park seems taken with the social theories of power and "self-fashioning" proposed by Lauro Martines and Stephen Greenblatt (e.

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