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Under Rafael Ramirez, the former energy minister and president of PDVSA, the company had completed a transformation from one of the world's most-efficient NOCs to an arm of the late Chavez's socialist revolution.
Preaching socialist revolution is never a threat in Britain, because our Old Boys networks can always block its implementation.
Today, Venezuela is more sovereign than ever with the emancipation achieved by the Bolivarian socialist revolution led by our great leader Hugo Chavez Frias.
Go and have an opinion about your mother but do not interfere in our socialist revolution," Maduro said.
The crisis is the most dire since the 1999 socialist revolution led by Hugo Chavez, Maduro's predecessor.
A meeting devoted the 97th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution took place at the Old Square of Bishkek on November 7.
The new secretary general of CPP in his address vehemently stressed for the unity of all the progressive and leftist parties on one platform so as to fight collectively against the religious terrorism and to bring a socialist revolution in Pakistan.
Following weeks of clashes between mostly student protesters and security forces, both pro and anti-Maduro marchers took to the streets on Thursday calling for peace, as they commemorated the 25th anniversary of the "Day of the People's Rebellion" which brought the late Hugo Chavez to power in a socialist revolution.
The evidence of the last two SNP governments, and the populist, middle-class gains at the expense of the poor, is that the SNP is anything but the vanguard of the socialist revolution.
He also describes the journey from asylum to museum for some artists, writer Ding Ling's politicization, some artists' actions after the socialist revolution, organization and colonial modernity in Taiwan, Feng Zhi and the legacy of European humanism in modern Chinese poetry, and the uneasy relationship between Eileen Chang and Hong Kong because of the Cold War.
and Cuban officials overcame a series of potentially divisive incidents last year with mutual displays of pragmatism rarely seen since Cuba's 1959 socialist revolution that brought Fidel Castro to power.
It holds, in Foster's words, that "there can be no true ecological revolution that is not socialist; no true socialist revolution that is not ecological.

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