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socialized medicine,

publicly administered system of national health care. The term is used to describe programs that range from government operation of medical facilities to national health-insurance plans. In 1948, Great Britain passed the National Health Service Act that provided free physician and hospital services for all citizens. The system was later amended, now charging a small fee for the filling of prescriptions and the purchasing of eyeglasses and dentures; it is funded jointly by a health-insurance tax and by the national treasury. Doctors are salaried by the government and receive an additional allotment per patient and for the performance of special services. Sweden maintains a compulsory health-insurance plan that provides for income compensation, hospital treatment, most of the physician's fee, and part of the cost of medicines. Maternity benefits are provided for expectant women. A large percentage of Israel's medical care is provided by the Histadrut, the national labor union. A number of private welfare organizations also provide care, and the armed forces maintain a number of military hospitals whose services are widely used since many citizens of Israel are military veterans. Canada has a federally sponsored system of medical insurance with voluntary participation on the part of each province; the system is funded by taxes and contributions from the government. The United States is the only major Western country without some form of socialized medical care. However, it does sponsor MedicareMedicare,
national health insurance program in the United States for persons aged 65 and over and the disabled. It was established in 1965 with passage of the Social Security Amendments and is now run by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
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, a federally administered program for those over 65, and MedicaidMedicaid,
national health insurance program in the United States for low-income persons and persons with disabilities. It was established in 1965 with passage of the Social Security Amendments and is now run by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
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, a federally funded program of medical care for the poor that is administered by the individual states. Veterans have access to Veterans Health Administration facilities; care is free or partially subsidized, depending on whether injuries and disabilities are service connected.
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is not that you crazy, violent, psycho Yanks have guns and we caring, progressive Canucks have socialized health care, but that the U.S.
(28) In Canada's socialized health care system, patients frequently wait months and sometimes years for treatment, and according to the government's own statistics 1.2 million Canadians are unable to make an appointment with a family doctor because of overbooked clinics.
Obama or members of Congress propose socialized health care - yet that would be the outcome if the president's proposal were approved.
A desire to explore the natural beauty of New Zealand and a curiosity about working in a socialized health care setting led Dr.
As Turner observed: "Countries with tax-funded, socialized health care tend to be ranked higher simply because citizens are treated equally--even when the quality of care is extremely poor.
Unlike the U.S., the studied countries have some version of a socialized health care system, funded through taxation, and usually less than 30% of their citizens' pay for health care privately.
As much hype as there is pushing for socialized health care in the good ol' US of A, many countries that have it are failing.
Economic miracle, immigrant and tourist destination, highly skilled intellectual workers, Bono and U2, Seamus Heaney and The Faith Healer, socialized health care, exploding youth culture, designer hotels, profiles in Vogue as surely as The Wall Street Journal: no longer the sentimental dream of Irish America but the very model of a modern social democracy.
Remarkably, the father will have none of it: "I voted for socialized health care," he proclaims, "and I'm prepared to suffer the consequences!"
Canada, which boasts a socialized health care system like Israel's, still had a ppp of $2,931.
8) reissues that old argument that socialized health care, as represented by other industrialized nations, is cheaper when figured as cost per capita ("Free Market Won't End Crisis," July 15, 2002, p.
Professor Boan's article argues the main points of socialized health care that have been advocated from the beginning: universal health coverage for all.

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