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The Society Islands are part of an expansive cultural region that also includes Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, and New Zealand.
minutior have come from oceanic islands with few or no native ants, e.g., Hawaii, Easter Island, the Marquesas Islands, the Society Islands, the Seychelles, and the Chagos Archipelago.
A famous example of a tableau tifaifai is Aline Amaru's 1991 The Pomare Family, a representation of monarchs of the Society Islands from 1743 to 1891, now owned by the Queensland Art Gallery.
In the Society Islands this seasonal ritual was termed 'pa'iatua' (literally, god-wrapping) while in the Southern Cook Islands it was termed 'takurua' (Sissons 1989: 343-4; Siikala 1991:117).
Keywords: marae, Society Islands, evolution of social complexity, ideology, ritual landscapes
Which marine protected area is situated in the Society Islands?
Tupaia and his twelve-year-old 'servant' Taiata sailed with the Endeavour when Cook left Tahiti, and voyaged throughout the Pacific, facilitating contacts in the Society Islands, New Zealand, and Australia before succumbing to disease in Batavia (Jakarta) in December 1770.
Then we sailed to the neighbouring Society Islands of Moorea, Huahine, Ralatea, Tahaa and Bora Bora, each a gem with a mountainous jewel in the middle, set in drapes of lush green, home to rushing waterfalls, haven for wild boar in the deep valleys, and all ringed by necklaces of little coral atolls encircling the narrow sandy beaches.
Also, the scientists say, the Tuamotus and the nearby Society Islands "could be approached from all quarters and were thus probably important in Polynesian trade."
Comparisons of the Tuamotu adzes with these rocks showed that all but one came from surrounding island groups, such as the Marquesas, Pitcairn, Austral, and Society Islands.
Two chapters cover the groups evangelized from the Society Islands: the Cook Islands and Samoa.

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