Sociological Journals

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Sociological Journals


Periodicals devoted to sociology appeared in some countries in the late 19th century, reflecting the estalishment of sociology as an independent branch of knowledge. Among the first sociological journals were Revue internationale de sociologie (Paris, 1893), American Journal of Sociology (Chicago-New York, 1895), and E. Durkheim’s Anne sociologique (Paris, 1898).

During the 20th century, sociology became a system of differentiated disciplines. Interdisciplinary research developed, combining sociology with economics, psychology, and other branches of knowledge. As a result, many specialized sociological journals have appeared.

International sociological journals include Cahiers internationaux de sociologie (Paris, since 1946), Current Sociology (Paris-Oxford, since 1952), Homme et la société: Revue internationale de recherches et de synthèses sociologiques (Paris, since 1966), International Bibliography of the Social Sciences; International Bibliography of Sociology (Paris, since 1952), International Journal of Comparative Sociology (Leiden, since 1960), Sociological Abstracts (New York, since 1952), Sociologia internationalis: Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie (Berlin, since 1963), Theory and Society (Amsterdam-New York, since 1974), and World List of Social Science Periodicals (Paris, since 1953).

The journal Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniia (Sociological Studies) has been published in the USSR since 1974. Articles on sociology are also published in Voprosy filosofii (Problems of Philosophy, since 1947), Filosofskie nauki (Philosophical Sciences, since 1957), and Mirovaia ekonomika i mezhdunarodnye otnosheniia (World Economics and International Relations, since 1958).

A list, by country, of leading sociological journals follows.


Investigaciones en sociología (Mendoza, since 1962)

Revista latino-americana de sociología (Buenos Aires, since 1965)

Australia Australian and New Zealand Journal of Sociology (Melbourne, since 1965)


Revue de l’Institut de sociologie (Brussels, since 1920)


Sociologia (Sao Paulo, since 1939)

Bulgaria Sotsiologicheski izsledvaniia (Sofia, since 1968)

Sotsiologicheskiproblemi (Sofia, since 1969)


Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology (Calgary, since 1964)

Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association: Bulletin (Montreal, since 1966)


Sociologia: časopis Ustavu filozofie a sociologie SA V (Bratislava, since 1969)

Sociologicky casopis (Prague, since 1965)


Acta sociologica: Scandinavian Review of Sociology (Copenhagen, since 1955) Sociologiske meddelelser (Copenhagen, since 1952)

Federal Republic of Germany

Kôlner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie (Cologne-Opladen, since 1949)

Moderne Welt: Zeitschrift für vergleichende geistesgeschicht-líche und sozialwissenschaftliche Forschung (Dusseldorf, since 1959)

Soziale Welt: Zeitschrift für sozialwissenschaftliche Forschung und Praxis (Gottingen, since 1949)

Zeitschrift für Soziologie (Stuttgart, since 1972)

Zeitschrift für Staatssoziologie (Darmstadt, since 1954)


Sociologia (Helsinki, since 1964)


Analyse et prévision (Paris, since 1966)

Annales; économies, sociétés, civilisations (Paris, since 1929s)

Archives européennes de sociologie (Paris, since 1960)

Cahiers de sociologie économique (Le Havre, since 1959)

Communications (Paris, since 1962)

Etudes sociales (Paris, since 1881)

Familles dans le monde (Paris, since 1948)

Revue française des affaires sociales (Paris, since 1967)

Revue française de sociologie (Paris, since 1960)

Sociologie du travail (Paris, since 1959)

Sondages: Revue française de l’opinion publique (Paris, since 1939)

German Democratic Republic

Die Einheit (Berlin, since 1946)

Wirtschaftswissenschaft (Berlin, since 1953)

Great Britain

The British Journal of Sociology (London, since 1950)

Sociological Review: New Series (Keele, since 1953)

Sociology: The Journal of the British Sociological Association (London, since 1967)


Kôzleményei Magyar tudományos Akadémia (Budapest, since 1950)

Szociologia (Budapest, since 1972)


Indian Journal of Sociology (New Delhi, since 1970)

International Journal of Contemporary Sociology (Raleigh, N.C., since 1963)


Critica sociologica (Rome, since 1967)

Quaderni disociologia (Turin, since 1951)

Rassegna italiana di sociologia (Bologna, since 1960)

Rivista di sociologia (Rome, since 1963)

Sociologia (Rome, since 1967)

Studi di sociologia (Milan, since 1963)


Japanese Sociological Review (Tokyo, since 1950)

Journal of Social and Political Ideas in Japan (Tokyo, since 1963)


Revista mexicana de sociología (Mexico City, since 1939)

The Netherlands

Sociologia nederlandica (Assen, since 1963)

Sociologisch bulletin (The Hague, since 1947)

Sociologische Gids (Meppel, since 1953)


Polish Sociological Bulletin (Warsaw, since 1961)

Przeglad socjologiczny (Lódz, since 1930)

Studia socjologiczne (Warsaw, since 1961)

Studia socjologiczno-polityczne (Warsaw, since 1958)


Vittorul social: Revista de sociologie si politologie (Bucharest, since 1972)


Anales de sociología (Barcelona, since 1966)

Revista internacional de sociología (Madrid, since 1943)


American Behavioral Scientist (Princeton-New York, since 1957)

American Journal of Economics and Sociology (New York, since 1941)

American Journal of Sociology (Chicago-New York, since 1895)

American Sociological Review (Washington, D.C., since 1936)

American Sociologist (Washington, D.C, since 1965)

Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (Philadelphia, since 1890)

Contemporary Sociology (Washington, D.C, since 1972)

Daedalus: Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (Cambridge, Mass., since 1846)

Journal of Marriage and the Family (Minneapolis, since 1938)

Journal of Social Issues (New York, since 1945)

Rural Sociology (Urbana, III., since 1936)

Science and Society (New York, since 1936)

Social Forces (Chapel Hill-Baltimore, since 1922)

Social Problems (Kalamazoo, Mich., since 1953)

Social Research (New York, since 1934)

Sociological Analysis (Chicago, since 1940)

Sociological Methods and Research (Beverly Hills, Calif., since 1972)

Sociological Quarterly (Carbondale, 111., since 1960)

Sociology and Social Research: An International Journal (Los Angeles, since 1916)

Sociology of Education (New York, since 1963; began publication in 1927 as Journal of Education Sociology) Sociometry (Washington, D.C.-New York, since 1937)


Sociologija (Belgrade, since 1959)

Sociologija sela (Zagreb, since 1963)

Sociologiskipregled (Belgrade, since 1964)

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Given these limitations, we decided that it was better to be consistent and include all articles that were published in sociological journals where at least one author was affiliated with a Canadian university.
For a number of reasons, ranging from the fact that he scattered his articles in philosophical, psychological, and sociological journals without ever assembling them into a book, to the somehow problematic legacy of his thought in the Chicago School of sociology, as well as the almost exclusive--if partial--appropriation of his views by the symbolic interactionist school, Mead's wider sociological reflections have remained virtually unexplored until recently.
This project investigates four years of sociological journals at these three tiers--the American Sociological Review and American Journal of Sociology (both sponsored by a national/international professional association), The Sociological Quarterly and Sociological Forum (sponsored by large regional professional organizations), and the Great Plains Sociologist and Michigan Sociological Review (sponsored by small regional or state professional organizations).
In this dense, 316-page supplement to one of the nation's leading sociological journals, 29 scholars combined genetics and sociological research.
The factors for sociological journals in sport and exercise are even smaller.
it is based on the more limited set of purely sociological journals
Rather, it means that studies devoted to such questions are more likely to appear either in other, broader sociological journals, like the American Journal of Sociology or the American Sociological Review, or to be published in more specialized journals devoted to, respectively, educational, medical, or economic topics.
As a result, such work is rarely published in mainstream sociological journals, and too often ends up as reports for the particular organizations and institutions served.
As can be seen from Table 4 however, about half of the papers by Canadian sociologists appeared in sociological journals published in USA and less than 15% in Britain.
Reza Nakhaie's (2010) analysis of Google Scholar citations is the latest in a string of studies on the impact of articles published in Canadian sociological journals, which have at times struck a pessimistic note on Canadian sociology's prospects (cf., Baer 2005; Brym 2003; McLaughlin 2005).
Once again, sociological journals in the English-speaking liberal democracies have turned their attention to issues dealing with the role of the discipline and its future in the context of various forces, endogenous and exogenous, seen to be giving rise to pressures.