Socket 2

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Criteria for diagnosis of dry socket were based on 1) increase in pain and tenderness around the extraction socket 2) empty socket filled with food debris after disintegration or dislodgment of clot.
Tender are invited for Supply of plumbing items-PVC Clamp 110 mm,Copper Ferrules,Reduce Socket 2" X1/2,Reduce Socket 2" X 3/4,Reduce Socket 2" X 1,Reduce Socket 2" X11/4,Reduce Socket 2" X11/2,Reduce Socket 11/2" X1/2,Reduce Socket 11/2" X 3/4,Reduce Socket 11/2" X 1,Reduce Socket 11/2" X 11/4",Reduce Socket 11/4" X 1/2,Reduce Socket 11/4" X 3/4,Reduce Socket 11/4" X 1",Reduce Socket 1" X 1/2,Reduce Socket 1" X 3/4",Reduce Socket 3/4" X 1/2"
Tender are invited for Supply of plumbing items-Elbow 1/2,Elbow 3/4,Elbow 1,Elbow 11/4,Elbow 11/2,Elbow 2,Elbow 2 1/2,Elbow 3,Socket 1/2,Socket 3/4,Socket 1,Socket 11/4,Socket 11/2,Socket 2,Socket 2 1/2,Socket 3,Union Socket 1/2,Union Socket 3/4,Union Socket 1,Union Socket 11/4,2.08 Union Socket 11/2,Union Socket 2,Union Socket 2 1/2,Tee 1/2,Tee 3/4"