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Social Credit,

economic plan in Canada, based on the theories of Clifford Hugh DouglasDouglas, Clifford Hugh,
1879–1952, English engineer and social economist, educated at Cambridge. Author of the economic theory of Social Credit, he became (1935) chief reconstruction adviser to the Social Credit government of Alberta, Canada, but, differing with some of
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. The central idea is that the problems fundamental to economic depression are those of unequal distribution owing to lack of purchasing power. To solve these difficulties Douglas proposed a system of issuing to every citizen dividends, the amount of which would be determined by an estimate of the nation's real wealth; the establishment of a just price for all goods would be the result. The program became highly influential in Alberta during the depression years, and the Social Credit party, led by William AberhartAberhart, William
, 1878–1943, premier of Alberta, Canada, b. Ontario. He was a schoolteacher and a founder and dean of the Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute (opened 1927).
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, won a resounding victory in the provincial elections of 1935. The program included distribution of a social dividend of $25 a month, but it proved impossible to put this scheme into practice. Attempts to tax banks and to enter on currency schemes were declared unconstitutional by the courts. The party remained in power in Alberta until defeated in 1971 but was no longer a significant force there by the 1980s. In the federal parliament, the party retained 6 seats until 1980, when it lost them all. The Social Credit party in British ColumbiaBritish Columbia,
province (2001 pop. 3,907,738), 366,255 sq mi (948,600 sq km), including 6,976 sq mi (18,068 sq km) of water surface, W Canada. Geography
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 diverged from the doctrines of the original party early on; it declined during the 1990s and no longer exists.


See M. Pinard, The Rise of a Third Party (1971); B. Monahan, Introduction to Social Credit (1982).

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Various press reports revealed that Alberta Socred MP John Blackmore, an ardent supporter of the rabidly anti-communist United States Senator, Joseph McCarthy, was distributing from his office in the House of Commons the notorious Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
The New Democrat Party advocated, and for a time oversaw, the nation's most progressive human rights regime at the time, only to see their work decimated by the Social Credit Party (the Socreds) in 1984.
In earlier matches of the same event, Yash Tanna had socred victories over P.
Elected as Socred MLA for Fort George, he served in several portfolios--as education minister (1954-1956) and minister of lands and forests (1956-1962), with water resources added to his ministry in 1962--until his defeat at the polls in 1972.
'I have come in towards the end of the last two innings and only socred three runs so I need to improve my batting,' he continued.
Most speakers favoured the MMP or STV electoral models, stressing the democratic advantages of proportionality, whereas the FPTP defender, a former cabinet minister from the Socred era, warned, unconvincingly, that "the concept of proportional representation would be a monumental error of judgment".
The vibrant extra-parliamentary opposition ended up taken over by a labour bureaucracy that had little taste for an all-out fight against the Socred s.
Dave Robinson socred the all-important goal midway through the first half.
Stuart McNaught socred the winner with a 25 yard drive in the last kick of the game.
Elmira 4, Sutherlin 3: Mason Walker socred on a Kyle White groundout in the bottom of the sixth inning as the Falcons (10-2, 4-0) remained perfect in Sky-Em League.
BC has certainly had a series of overtly anti-worker and anti-union governments, first under the Social Credit (Socred) Party and, since 2001, the Liberals.
They have socred 11 goals in their three matches, withWayne Rooney boosting his tally to three with a brace on Saturday.