Sodium Iodide

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sodium iodide

[′sōd·ē·əm ′ī·ə‚dīd]
(inorganic chemistry)
NaI A white, air-sensitive powder, deliquescent, with bitter taste; soluble in water, alcohol, and glycerin; melts at 653°C; used in photography and in medicine and as an analytical reagent.

Sodium Iodide


Nal, a salt; colorless crystals. Density, 3.665 g/cm3; melting point, 662°C. Upon prolonged exposure to light, it turns yellow because of oxidation by atmospheric oxygen and liberation of free iodine. Sodium iodide is hygroscopic. Solubility in water, 64.1 percent at 20°C and 75.1 percent at 100°C. At ordinary temperature, NaI · 2H2O crystallizes from aqueous solutions. Sodium iodide is obtained by means of an exchange reaction between Fe3 I8 and Na2CO3 and is used for medicinal purposes as an iodine preparation.

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Through this agreement, HealthTrust member facilities will have access to Life Sciences Core Imaging single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) proprietary products, such as Myoview, Ceretec, Indium-Oxine as well as non-GE Healthcare products, such as MDP, Indium In-111, Thallium chloride and Sodium Iodide 1-123 capsules.
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