Sodium Sulfide

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sodium sulfide

[′sōd·ē·əm ′səl‚fīd]
(inorganic chemistry)
Na2S An irritating, water-soluble, yellow to red, deliquescent powder; melts at 1180°C; used as a chemical intermediate, solvent, photographic reagent, and analytical reagent. Also known as sodium sulfuret.

Sodium Sulfide


Na2S, a salt; colorless crystals. Density, 1.856 g/cm3; melting point, 1180°C. It is extremely hygroscopic. Solubility in water, 13.6 percent at 20°C and 45.0 percent at 97.5°C. It forms crystal hydrates. Aqueous solutions of Na2S are alkaline. Sodium sulfide is prepared by reduction of Na2SO4 and is used in the manufacture of sulfide dyes, in the textile and leather industries, and in ore flotation. Sodium hydrosulfide, NaHS, is used in the manufacture of rayon and in the leather industry.

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However, in spite of steady demand from end-use industries, market growth will remain sluggish over the forecast period owing to the hazardous effects of sodium sulfide.
First, 2mM stock solutions of cadmium chloride and sodium sulfide in appropriate solvent (water) were prepared freshly.
Gills were then exposed to sulfide by addition of microliter aliquots of freshly made 30 mM sodium sulfide in FASW.
PPSS and PPSE were synthesized from sodium sulfide, and p-dichlorophenyl sulfone and p-dibromophenyl ether, respectively, as described as earlier (14).
The City of Hampton is seeking bids from responsible and responsive bidders to furnish and deliver Aqueous Sodium Sulfide 39% in 55 gallon drums for chemical treatment process to the Hampton/NASA Steam Plant as specified herein on an annual as needed basis.
Conventional chemical recovery with the Tomlinson furnace principally recovers the cooking chemicals as sodium carbonate and sodium sulfide consistent with the proportions in the digester, since all the inorganics end up in the same molten smelt phase.
In this process, most of the lignin, the interfibre bonding matrix, is degraded and removed by cooking wood chips in a solution of sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide (white liquor (WL)).
Part 4: the corrosion inhibitor solution, ferric sulfate (II) wet FeSO4 * 7H2O , sodium sulfide Na 2 S .
I would like to have seen the comments section give a little more detail about the hazard of the chemical, for example, the greatest danger from calcium carbide is its reaction with water to produce acetylene which may explode or catch fire, dry ice can cause severe burns, and sodium sulfide produces hydrogen sulfide on contact with acid.
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