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see SuhartoSuharto
or Soeharto
, 1921–2008, president of Indonesia (1967–98). A veteran of the war for independence (1945–49) against the Dutch, he became army chief of staff in 1965.
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During the New Order era, Soeharto was the central and most powerful patron, and access to resources or opportunities depended on having the right connections to his office or people (Kusno 2010).
This new political class has become a source of resistance against moves to recentralize power in the mould of the highly centrist state structures of the Soeharto era.
Yudhoyono was a significant military figure in the Soeharto years, as well as a leading member of Megawati's Cabinet.
FELDA Soeharto or Kampung Soeharto is a small town and major FELDA settlements in Selangor, Malaysia.
He has been working in Indonesia since 1997, when he was a Henry Luce Scholar in Economic Policy based in Jakarta during the last days of the Soeharto regime.
Indonesia has, to some extent, through the legacy of the new order government under General Soeharto, been somewhat suspicious toward things associated to Islam.
That is the emphasis by the Soeharto Regime on the proper role of women that dominated Indonesia during 1965 until 1998 (and thus during the formative years of many women making career choices today).
The judges find the defendant not guilty of committing premeditated murder as accused by the prosecutors," Soeharto, the chief judge, said in clearing Muchdi of all charges.
At the time of independence, the Dutch retained control over the western half of New Guinea (known as Irian Jaya in the Soekarno and Soeharto eras and as Papua since 2000) and permitted steps toward self-government and independence.
Indonesia has had a proper democracy and Parliament since the fall of Soeharto in 1998.
Bimantara Citra Tbk) by Bambang Trihatmojo, a son of former President Soeharto in cooperation with Rosano Barack and M.
En 1998, Soeharto deja la presidencia y transfiere el poder a su vice-presidente Habibie, con todas las implicaciones eticas para la formacion de una cultura poco propicia para el entorno empresarial por sus conocidas practicas corruptas.