Soft Ground

soft ground

[′sȯft ′grau̇nd]
(mining engineering)
A mineral deposit which can be mined without drilling and shooting hard rock.
The rock about underground openings that does not stand well and requires heavy timbering.
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Soft Ground


an etching technique. The etching ground is usually mixed with tallow to make it softer and sticky enough to adhere to anything pressed into it. The plate is covered with grainy paper on which a drawing is made with a hard pencil. The pressure of the pencil causes particles of the ground to adhere to the paper along the lines of the drawing. When the paper is lifted, the wax underneath the lines comes away with it. The plate is then immersed in acid.

Soft-ground etchings are characterized by soft, painterly, grainy strokes. They render the specific qualities of a pencil or charcoal drawing. Soft-ground etching was first used in the 17th century. It was popular primarily among 19th- and 20th-century engravers (O. A. Kiprenskii, V. D. Falimov, E. S. Kruglikova in Russia; K. Kollwitz in Germany).

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Then, knowing to an inch where the bulbs which were to produce the black tulip were planted, he ran towards the spot, following, however, the gravelled walks in order not to be betrayed by his footprints, and, on arriving at the precise spot, he proceeded, with the eagerness of a tiger, to plunge his hand into the soft ground.
The superintendent had completely winded his horse by crossing the soft ground. He felt the necessity of gaining a firmer footing, and turned towards the road by the shortest secant line.
"That path is as you see, topped with gravel," he said; "the man must have passed along it going to the pavilion, since no traces of his steps have been found on the soft ground. The man didn't have wings; he walked; but he walked on the gravel which left no impression of his tread.
Through a field he ran until he came into another road and getting upon his knees felt of the soft ground with his fingers.
“Tread on the soft ground,” he cried, when they were in a gloom where sight availed them but little, “and keep in the white smoke; keep the skin close on her, lad; she’s a precious one—another will be hard to be found.”
O'Brien said: "We'll check the surface but we wouldn't run on soft ground. We'll declare in the morning but there's rain forecast, which is not good.
SOFT ground is predicted for all four days of the Cheltenham Festival.
AIDAN O'Brien is wary about the prospect of soft ground at Epsom next Saturday for Investec Derby favourite Australia.
But Bell harbours real concerns about the potential of soft ground in Newcastle and is prepared to withdraw the gelding, who finished second on his only start this season in a handicap at Newmarket last month.
Main Aim has never won beyond 7f but is proven on soft ground and looked ready for a step back up in trip when finishing strongly in a better contest at the Sussex track last time.
The Robbins Small Boring Unit (SBU-A) is offered with a specialized mixed ground cutter head, allowing for excavation in soft ground with cobbles and boulders, in addition to hard rock boring.