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soft key

(1) A simulated button or keyboard key that is displayed on a touchscreen. Also called a "soft button," "virtual button" or "virtual key," touchscreen soft keys enable smartphones, tablets and remote controls to display any style of user interface. However, they have not entirely made real keys obsolete. A few physical buttons can greatly enhance a touch user interface. See touchscreen and virtual keyboard.

(2) A physical button that serves multiple functions on cellphones and other devices. The button is located next to the screen, which displays the key's purpose at that moment. See virtual keyboard.

A Soft Key
In this example, the same physical key on this earlier cellphone is used to make and terminate a call. After the call is connected, the soft key changes from Call to End.

Soft Keys at the Gas Pump
A common use is at the gas pump when a response is required. The screen asks the user if a receipt should be printed and displays Yes or No next to the appropriate soft keys (arrows).
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girls naked under their dresses, kneecaps like soft button mushrooms.
The on-screen Soft Button feature offers easy, centralized access to applications, wireless and modem connections, volume controls and screen rotation via an intuitive interface.
For example, the industry standard for the laser pointer switch may be a small soft button, but the major feedback feature might be missing.
Faves Gallery presents up to 20 of your favorite people and the different ways to communicate with them -- calls, texts, e-mail, instant messaging, social networking updates -- in a dedicated application accessible through a soft button and an easy-to-use widget complete with photos, contact information and one-touch ability to respond.
Especially useful when an Acer convertible Tablet PC is in tablet mode and the launch buttons and hot keys cannot be easily reached, the Acer Soft Button provides rapid software launches, fast Internet and email access, easy system configuration and quick and effective adjustments to the connectivity options.
Desktop modifications using the soft button tools can be performed by the end user or centrally controlled, if preferred.
People can work with three on-screen soft buttons for multitasking.
5" is large enough to easily accommodate soft buttons in addition to the signature area.
These units will likely be dominated by a video screen equipped with soft buttons that users can configure for a variety of functions, says Alan Baratz, senior vice president and president for Global Communication Solutions at Avaya, in his VoiceCon keynote address scheduled for Nov.
Using Telepo's Mobile+ and Softphone+ clients, a smart phone, dual-mode mobile/WiFi phone or a laptop computer further enhance the user experiences with directory search, presence information, (instant) messaging, click to dial, remote management, soft buttons and dynamic least-cost routing and SIP-based services.
The keyboard is ergonomically sound with its low profile and soft buttons and the Silicone face is resistant to water and spills.
2 - End users eliminate redundant keystrokes and can easily automate complex tasks with advanced features like programmable soft buttons, keyboard re-mapping and programmable toolbars.