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see lorisloris,
name for slow-moving, nocturnal, arboreal primates of the family Lorisidae, found Africa and Asia. True lorises, found in India, Sri Lanka, and SE Asia, have round heads, large round eyes, and furry bodies. They have no tails, and their index fingers are vestigial.
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David Moyes will use will use the same softly-softly technique with Rodwell; David Moyes acknowledges Dan Gosling and Jack Rodwell (left) are key to Everton's future
West Midlands councils were urged to take a softly-softly approach to the smoking ban which comes into force next week.
A FEW weeks ago Jim Gamble, Britain's child protection chief, advocated a softly-softly approach concerning the viewing of child pornography.
COVENTRY City Council is planning a softly-softly approach to enforcing no-smoking bans when new laws come in on July 1.
If investors were expecting Cisco Systems Inc CEO John Chambers to reverse his softly-softly approach to economic clairvoyance to become the cheerleader for the recovery, they were disappointed yesterday when the company reported its fiscal fourth quarter results.
While the Commission itself believes there is room for some kind of EU initiative in the area, although not necessarily a legislative one, it is taking a softly-softly approach to this sensitive issue, starting with the social partners.
I WELCOME the new crackdown on knife crime and the fact that justice secretary Kenny MacAskill seems to have finally given upon his softly-softly approach.
THE softly-softly approach to knife crime championed by David Cameron and his Justice Secretary Ken Clarke is not what the Conservatives promised in opposition.
This would involve the closure of the road for no more than two hours as opposed to the shambles that West Midlands Police have caused by their softly-softly attitude.
Defending his decision to downgrade the drug in 2004, Mr Blunkett said that it was more "honest" to make cannabis class C - which means that users cannot be arrested for carrying small amounts - rather than place it in the more serious category but then take a softly-softly approach to policing it.
Nevertheless those living in communities blighted by anti-social behaviour believe this approach does not go far enough to stop the hard core offenders who will ignore any softly-softly warnings.
Lucy Wadham's softly-softly approach with her 10-year-old can be vindicated with a big display in the Forbra Gold Challenge Cup (Handicap Chase).